Girl who racially abused Birmingham Wetherspoons bouncer has been jailed

Sharna Walker admitted racially abusing and assaulting bouncer after video of the attack went viral

The girl who was filmed racially abusing a bouncer in Birmingham has been sentenced to jail.

25 year old Sharna Walker has been charged with racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage.

The former cleaner, who pleaded guilty to the charges, will spend 14 weeks in prison.

As reported on by The Birmingham Tab in May, Sharna Walker was filmed hitting, spitting at and racially abusing doorman, Tristan Price, outside The Figure of Eight Wetherspoons on Broad Street, Birmingham.

The incident occurred after the bouncer refused to allow the woman to re-enter the pub. This followed her being asked to leave by bar staff.  In the footage, she can be heard calling Tristan a “fucking n*****” and a “black c***”.

The video subsequently went viral, resulting in the 25 year old being fired from her job, banned from Wetherspoons for two years, and arrested.

In August, the Westside Business Improvement District banned Walker from every pub, bar and club on Broad Street for a year, stating: “We will never tolerate racists in our city.”

At the time, the bouncer, who had worked at Wetherspoons as a bouncer for over a year described the attack as “worse” than “having a knife pulled on” him, telling The Birmingham Mail: “the attack was different. It stayed with me, it really affected me in a different way. It was so vicious.” In court, he described how it is the worst drunken behaviour he has ever experienced. 

Third Year English Language student Katie McRobert, who was in the pub when the incident occurred, told The Birmingham Tab: “The girl’s behaviour was really scary and intimidating. We thought it was going to be the start of a big fight especially as she kept coming back and didn’t seem to want to leave.”

In addition to the counts of racial abuse, Sharna Walker has also been charged with criminal damage after pushing the bouncer and smashing the Wetherspoons door.

Sentenced at Birmingham Magistrate’s Courts, Walker will now spend 14 weeks in prison. In addition to this, she must pay Tristan Price £500 compensation, and will be banned from The Figure of Eight pub for the next two years unless given permission to enter by the landlord.

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