The best Birmingham themed Christmas gifts on a student-friendly budget

Time to flaunt your bab tote bags

Semester one is almost over and Christmas is just over two weeks away.

If, like me, you have left everything until the last minute then this guide is your quick and easy guide to the best stocking fillers and Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

This guide shows you the best Brum inspired gifts for all your pals.

Old Joe Face Coverings

With the ongoing changing of rules it is always good to have a face mask handy, so why not give the ultimate UoB gift of Old Joe as a face mask. These are a perfect stocking filler, and you can get your facemask here.

Birmingham Old Joe Clocktower Mask on REDBUBBLE


The Kindred Workshop

If you want to get someone beautiful, local handmade jewellery then Mutsa at The Kindred Workshop can help. She hand makes and hand paints every pair of earrings, has a quick turn around and is lovely. I have five pairs of her earrings and whenever I wear them I get compliments. DM her on Instagram to put in a Christmas order.


Provide is a specifically Birmingham company, that has been inspired by the history and different industries of the City in order to create their unique brand. My favourite item of theirs is the ‘Alright Bab’ section. Nothing reminds me of Birmingham more than when people call me Bab. They have ‘Alright Bab’ totes, jumpers, candles and scarves. Browse their Christmas selection here.

UoB Christmas Jumpers

Back by popular demand, this Old Joe jumper is the perfect secret Santa gift. They are printed locally in Birmingham and run by a student organisation. They also sell Old Joe cookie cutters and prints, order yours here.


If you are looking for a gift for a loved one that has a sweet tooth then these customisable hampers are perfect. They tailor them to suit the individual and the budget. They are Coventry based, and DM them on Instagram to order.

Helena Checkley Art

A University of Birmingham graduate, Helena sells gorgeous prints of campus and Old Joe on Etsy. They would make excellent gifts for graduates or final years who will be missing campus! Find her on Etsy here.

The Muirhead Tower

Some might say this is the ugliest building on campus, but I couldn’t disagree more. This absolutely stunning building has been miniaturised so that you don’t just have to look at it out the window from library, you can now also look at it on your desk at home. Buy this mini model here.

Spaceplay on Etsy

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