What does your favourite VK flavour at Fab say about you?

It’s got to be the orange one, right?

Drinking a VK at Fab is symbolic. They’re the number one student drink for a reason: they get you wasted whilst giving you a night to remember.

No night out in Brum is complete without one and if you’re that person who claims they’re a waste of money, you’ve clearly never pay for a round of drinks at Fab.

So scroll down and meet your match made in VK-heaven.

Mix & matching VKs always ends in disaster

Red (Strawberry and Lime)

Strawberry and Lime is the most cliché flavour. It’s basically a Kopperberg cider. If you’re drinking this at Fab then I’m surprised you’ve not turned up with a bucket hat or some dark fruits, since we get it you go to festivals. I’m proud you even show your face at Fab, but I guess you’re too off your face to notice the chart-infested music.


Its cool to drink blue

You’re the child of your uni flat. Drinking this flavour is not a substitute for a personality. You clearly don’t care what goes into your body and defo used to get drunk in a field off of blue WKDs in year ten. A Blue VK is not the adult version, so just grow up.

Orange (Orange & Passion Fruit)

Toilets are the best place to share a VK

By far the best VK flavour. It belongs all by itself in elite tier. Nothing can beat the sweet taste of orange that trickles down your throat on a Wednesday Sports Night. Some may call you basic but I’m here to support your choice of flavour. It’s iconic and the addictive orange flavour is why we all love it.

Yellow (Tropical)

Cheers to a messy night

It’s the same as orange but with an overpowering taste of pineapple. If this is your go-to VK you need to re-evaluate your life choices. Some may say this one is underrated but realistically only UoB Freshers drink this flavour. What I’m trying to tell you is that if you’re buying this flavour at Fab the staff are judging you.

Dark Red (Black Cherry)

Questionable taste

The most disgusting VK flavour. The only time I’ve ever consumed it is when I’ve been too drunk to even remember drinking it. If you buy this flavour then I’m guessing you’re a Tory and you used to write Old Joemances about yourself. Absolutely no taste whatsoever.

Green (Apple and Mango)

Poor poor choice. I have a feeling you’ve only picked the green one as the Guild most likely ran out of the blue one. Green looks healthier than the artificial blue I guess?

White (Ice) – convinced it’s been discontinued

If any flavour VK belongs in shit tier Ice is the one. I couldn’t even tell you what flavour this one is. Remember when these were the only drinks on offer at the Guild before lockdown? Because they’re vile end of. It’s literally a Smirnoff Ice so no wonder you don’t see it at Fab anymore.

Rounds of VKs equals a fairly cheap night out- if they bring back 4 for £10 (please Guild we’re begging you!!)

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