The Guild is removing any Facebook posts which make any reference to Israel or Palestine

The decision has been made following complaints from students

The University of Birmingham Guild of Students has announced on the Facebook group, Fab N Fresh that any posts and comments made in relation to Gaza will be deleted.

The Guild’s post has been made after “several students” complained about posts and comments on the Facebook group.

A representative of the Guild claimed the posts have been removed while an investigation into the complaints is undertaken.

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The post by The Guild of Students

In a post on Fab N Fresh, The Guild of Students revealed that they will be removing recent posts and comments regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza.

The announcement comes in response to complaints made about the political and controversial nature of the posted material on Facebook.

The Guild shared that they have launched an investigation into the complaints.

While the investigation is completed, “any new posts that appear in this group [Fab N Fresh] discussing the situation in Gaza, or which make any reference to Israel or Palestine will also be removed”, the representative wrote.

The Guild of Students’ representative has been contacted for comment.

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