UCL to increase police presence around campus following rise in antisemitic abuse

Jewish students at UCL have received death threats


CW: Antisemitic abuse

In a recent statement addressed to all students, UCL President and Provost Dr Michael Spence announced plans to increase police presence around the perimeter of Bloomsbury campus.

The decision comes after a rise in antisemitic threats directed towards Jewish students within the UCL community both online and in-person.

In the statement, Dr Spence announced the implementation of additional safety measures around the UCL campus in response to the numerous reports of abuse faced by Jewish students.

He wrote: “Our colleagues in UCL Security are working with local police to ensure there is an increased presence around the perimeter of the Bloomsbury campus, and our security officers will remain vigilant both on campus gates when monitoring individuals’ access to campus and in work and study spaces. It is important that our campus is a safe place for all members of our community.”

The abuse has largely taken place online with one Jewish UCL student even being sent a photoshopped picture of her under a guillotine. President of UCL Jsoc, Samuel Goldstone, told The Tab: “Jewish students are terrified for their safety on campus since the upsurge in antisemitic abuse and attacks over the past few days, including threats directed towards UCL students.

“Antisemitism should have no place at UCL. The Jewish society will continue to assist and protect Jewish students on campus, and we hope that UCL will punish those found to be responsible for spreading this hatred.”

Dr Spence denounced the rise in antisemitism, saying: “We unreservedly condemn abuse, harassment or bullying directed at Jewish and Israeli students. There can never be a justification for this behaviour, but most especially at a university such as UCL. Abuse, racism and hate speech have no place here.

“We will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against anyone who is found to have engaged in antisemitism, either by word or deed.”

Victims of antisemitic abuse at UCL are being urged to contact the police, phone UCL Security on 020 7679 2222, or use UCL’s online Report + Support tool.

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