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Kat Pirnak
London University


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UCL forced to rely on international students to cover cost of undergraduate courses

‘There is no course at UCL where the undergraduate fee covers the cost of providing the course’

Here are some of the weirdest questions students have been asked during a job interview

‘How many wheels are there in Barcelona?’

UCL has paid £70k in tuition fee refunds due to Covid in the last two years

22 per cent of students who applied for a refund were successful

Students from these Russell Group unis spend the most on nights out

On an average night out, LSE students spend more than the price of 13 Tesco meal deals

Students are calling on unis to stop penalising medics who work in the sex industry

It’s thought the number of students involved in sex work has increased significantly due to the pandemic

These are the uni cities where students spend the most on takeaways

Canterbury students have their priorities straight

These are the uni cities where students rely on daddy’s money the most

You know who you are

UCL students demand referendum on online learning in call for more face-to-face teaching

The petition reached the needed signatures in just six days

‘We want everyone to party safely’: Heaven nightclub to offer 1,200 Pfizer vaccines

Be the first to get vaccinated at a nightclub

Students from these London unis are most likely to become CEOs and business founders

This proves you don’t have to go to a Russell Group uni to be successful

Fabric bans photography and filming on dancefloor

The nightclub is set to reopen later this month

UCL to offer financial support for international students forced to quarantine

The cost of a mandatory hotel quarantine package amounts to £1750

These 14 Tweets sum up how we feel about Elite season four

Spoiler alert, the plot is nonexistent

‘Racial trauma’ to be recognised as grounds for self-certified extensions at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths is set to become the first uni to include racial trauma as an official category in assessment mitigation

UCL art students organise creative protest to demand compensation for lack of studios

‘My bedroom studio cost me £9,250K+’

These students are absolutely fuming about the government’s lack of respect for the arts

They deserve better than a 50 per cent cut to funding

Answer 10 important questions and we’ll tell you which niche Shrek character you are

Prince Charming SUCKS

Meet the Queen Mary student who wrote her dissertation on acid house raves

‘I’m never ever taking club nights or gigs for granted again’

Two arrests made following hate crime reports at Royal Holloway, police say

There have been several reports of antisemitism, including swastika posters placed outside the uni’s library

UCL to increase police presence around campus following rise in antisemitic abuse

Jewish students at UCL have received death threats

31 memes that sum up the pain of being a student right now

When will it end?

Colin vs Cuthbert: 17 Twitter highlights from the caterpillar feud

Personally, I’m team Cuthbert.

‘It’s just not possible’: UCL’s President and Provost dismisses tuition fee refunds

The switch to online learning has cost UCL an additional 90 million pounds

‘Lights will guide you home’: Does the BT Tower have a cult?

Houston, we have a problem

Here is the only student guide to renting in London you’ll ever need

Anxious first-year students, this one is for you

UCL announces campus will re-open in September

A teaching plan for the academic year of 2021 has been released

UAL apologises for falsely offering places to A-level students

What even is that emoji though?

Three arrests made in connection with fatal stabbing of SOAS student

A fundraiser to build a mosque in Hussain’s memory has since been set up

SOAS SU condemns uni director’s ‘disgusting’ use of the n-word at a student meeting

A petition is calling for Adam Habib’s ‘dismissal’ as SOAS director

UCL announces exam protocols for the summer exam season 2021

This includes using the new platform AssessmentUCL

‘I could be dead and UCL wouldn’t know’: The realities of a year abroad in the pandemic

“I was basically being rendered homeless”

UCL confirms that all teaching will remain online until the end of Term 2

Michael Spence has confirmed that no one will go back to face to face before Easter

16-year-old boy sentenced for racially motivated attack on UCL student

Jonathan Mok’s attacker has finally been charged for the attack that took place 11 months ago

UCL announces £10k Master’s alumni bursary for students from low-income backgrounds

It aims to provide students from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to continue with their studies

University of London advises struggling students in halls to ‘take a nap’

The university’s latest advice to alleviate stress has been described as insensitive and disrespectful by struggling students

We spoke to the UCL student who made £30,000 through cryptocurrency investments

He made enough money to cover off his university debt in nine months