This map will let you find every single pub garden in Brum, ready for April 12th

The Birmingham map has been tailored toward UoB students in Selly Oak

A University of Birmingham graduate, Thomas Whale, has created a map to help you find every single pub garden in Brum, ready for April 12th.

As part of the Bevvi app, created by Whale, users can also upload a photograph of their drink in a pub, letting friends know where they are so they can join you.

It also has the ability to aid with planning nights out, with the option to create an event and invite anyone you want to join.

A new addition to the app is the capability to discover pubs and bars nearby.

Thomas Whale, who graduated from UoB in 2015, told The Birmingham Tab, “I found myself frantically searching Instagram and Google to find the best place for a pint, ready for April 12, which led me to create a virtual map of the pub gardens in London.”

Being a UoB graduate, he also spared a thought for current UoB students, saying “I imagined UoB students are feeling the same, so I expanded the map to the Birmingham area, and have focused specifically on Selly Oak with it tailored towards students.”

As part of a drive to help kickstart the hospitality industry, Bevvi will be offering discounted or free drinks for its users.

In England, the earliest date for hospitality reopening is April 12, with pub gardens being able to serve people seated outdoors, including alcohol. People are able to meet in groups of six from different households or a maximum of two households are able to form a group of any size.

Hospitality venues can seat customers indoors from May 17 with parties of six, or you can have a party outside of a group of less than 30.

To find out more and download the app, click here: Bevvi

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