Five ways to enjoy your lockdown Valentine’s in Brum

Cause corona can’t ruin this holiday too

Valentine’s Day usually involves a cute dinner, maybe a holiday, some presents, chocolate, flowers, or the worst, some cheesy inside joke gift.

But Corona and her dearly beloved lockdown has thrown us all a major curveball.

To anyone reading this – I’m impressed. You’ve achieved a truly commendable feat in somehow maintaining a functional relationship with something other than your bed during a global pandemic.

You deserve a truly special day, so I’ve got your back with a few super romantic date ideas. Naw.

A romantic walk under Old Joe

Maybe the sun is about to set, the sky is plastered all over every student’s snapchat story, the campus is deserted (thanks corona) and it’s just you and your SO swooning amongst the redbrick.

Old Joe, gazing fondly down on young love, decides to chime for you and you alone, for your love helps him find his voice again. He sheds a single tear and his (clock) face glows a warm, loving red. Everything is still. All is well. You have found peace.

You’ll recall this day at your wedding, smiling whimsically as you talk of dear Old Joe – because we all know that trusty clocktower is the one, true Cupid.

Couples cooking

Even if this ends with some burnt pasta and a last-minute Domino’s trip, at least you’ll have the memories.

Just stick to something simple – fajitas, a curry kit, beans on toast, Sainsbury’s yellow ticket. Keep it simple, and keep it clean – nothing ruins romance like a mountain of washing up.

Netflix Party and Chill (get your mind out the gutter)

Not all of us can be with our SO so sometimes we have to get inventive.

Order some food at the same time, eat “together” over Zoom or Facetime, and once your bellies are satisfied, have a little Netflix Party.

Watch something funny, romantic or if you’re feeling spicy, episode six of Bridgerton. Whatever floats your socially distanced boat.

Couples games night

You can do this whether you’re with your partner or not. Grab some board games or download something interactive (Among Us #bringitback) and have a one-on-one games night.

Seeing as nothing makes games night sexy like a healthy dose of competition, loser pays for wine. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Couples cocktails

That’s right. I’m cleverly putting the word ‘couples’ in front of normal, everyday activities and suddenly reinventing them as some crazily romantic date idea.

Pop down to Aldi and Wine Stop, buy yourself some bargains (the cheaper, the better) and mix it all up. Maybe get your SO to guess what’s in each drink – if they get it wrong, they have to drink another.

Now you have no excuses, spoil your SO with these wonderful Valentine’s ideas to ensure corona doesn’t ruin yet another holiday! Time to celebrate being one of the few that have kept something to stable in this pandemic.

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