Here are 10 things to do if you’re isolating in Brum this Halloween

We’ve seen scarier stuff outside of Fab on a Saturday

It’s back again, the scariest time of year, and yet the thing we’re all dreading the most is a positive Coronavirus test.

Halloween 2020 isn’t cancelled just yet. Just because rona came to town, doesn’t mean you should give up on your plans of dressing up as ‘Old Joe as a Hoe’ and strutting your stuff around that tiny kitchen. 

We’re creepin’ it real with this bunch of ten terrifyingly epic things to do for Halloween to keep you sane in isolation. Let’s face it, if you can get through COVID, Michael Myers ain’t got nothing on you.

Dressing up

Everyone knows Halloween is the greatest Hoe-liday. So don’t let isolation stop you from slaying – if you’ve got it, haunt it! Whether you’re inspired by y2k aesthetics or that eye candy of a grater at the bottom of your cutlery drawer, don’t let COVID stop you from dressing up as you please.

We’re sure that sexy hand sanitisers, Borat in a ‘mask’ini and the Monsters Inc Hazmat suits will be the go-to costumes for 2020 – they’re just so FETCH! So, get in, loser, we’re going shopping, or not?? Why don’t you be creative and use what’s in the house. I mean, after all, unless you’re relying on good old Mr Amazon man, there’s no other way you’re gonna get that one of a kind costume signed, sealed and delivered to your door. So pick up some toilet roll, black bin liners and even the baking foil because this where the magic happens!

Decorating your house

Selly houses aren’t far off from your typical haunted house: they’re damp, cold and covered in cobwebs. Even so, decorating communal areas with your housemates is a great way to get in the spooky spirit. Go all out! True it’s no Fab or Circo, but at least your angel wings won’t get crushed in your kitchen.

Pumpkin Carving

Not the decorating type? This Halloween staple is not only a cheap way to decorate your living rooms, but a great way to relieve stress from online learning. Why not even take things up a notch and make it a competition with your housemates to see who can carve the best pumpkin?


Scary Movies

Scary movies come hand in hand with Halloween, in fact they’re tradition. We all know that person who says their favourite Halloween movie is the Exorcist, but we all know it’s really Hocus Pocus. Netflix and thrill anyone?

Halloween themed drinks

For those of us drinking this weekend it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new cocktails whether that be a skeleton key, a vampire kiss martini, or a bucket of vodka cranberry. For an extra spooky twist whip out that stocked up PPE your mum sent you back with, and fill the gloves with water and then freeze to make some hand shaped ice cubes.

Halloween Drinking Games

Apart from being a hoe, Halloween is an excuse to get a lil tipsy. But, just because you can’t head to Turtle Bay and spend the whole time taking boomerangs, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time – after all, ghouls just wanna have fun!

Why not go wild? Play some drinking games but switch-it-up – Halloween style. Be a basic witch and play Ring of Fire with a Pumpkin in the middle to add a little bit of spice to that. If you want to go even more hardcore, trick or treat yo’self with a game of shot roulette – a take on that jelly bean game, that let’s face it, we all hate but reluctantly play along just to get a taste of some scrumptious vomit or canned dog food. YUM!

Non-Drinking games

Not into drinking games? We’ve got the perfect solutions. The good old-fashioned toilet paper mummy race is sure to plaster a smile on anyone’s face. Aldi are also selling Halloween themed piñatas, ideal for those of us who need to let out our hatred for zoom breakout rooms.

Murder Mystery Dinner party

2020’s got us doing all kinds of things that we wouldn’t have even considered if Boris didn’t decide that corona came out to play at 10pm. Of course, Come Dine with Me brought us the icon that is Jane with her “sad little life” and as much grace and decorum as a “reversing dump truck without any tyres on” but this classic middle-aged show has seen a revival in lockdown with everyone hosting their own themed come dine with me dinner parties.

Bow down witches because we’re taking this further and suggesting your flat make it a murder mystery extravaganza. Who knows, by the time you get to dessert you might have only one left standing (or sitting)!

Alcoholic Apple-Bobbing

Everyone loves a good bit of dangling your mouth in a bucket of water and trying to get at that apple that’s been sitting there for so long, that even Doug the Dog has probably had a go at it.

But we’re not talking standard water in the bucket apple bobbing – we think it would be even better to fill the bucket with alcohol, making the whole process a hell of a lot more interesting and fun to watch. Who wouldn’t wanna see their housemates taking in a sea of echo falls and pink gin while trying to grab on to a fully saturated apple? 

Halloween Photoshoot

Halloween is every Tumblr girl’s dream – getting out all the big fluffy knits and taking photos of their aesthetic boots in a pile of leaves or going to a Pumpkin farm to take pics just for the gram. But scrap that, why not jump onto the new trends such as sticking your head through a pumpkin like Joey with the Turkey in Friends or throwing a white sheet over your head and cutting out holes for eyes.

Make it a Selly Special. At least no-one will be able to see your resting witch face! So be the ghostess with the mostest and make your Selly house the next Lab11 this spooky season.

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