BBC News spotted with council issuing Covid tests to Selly students

“15 steps to take a test was really confusing and complicated”


BBC News and other local journalists were spotted on Heeley Road in Selly Oak interviewing students earlier today about Covid-19 cases.

Media crews walked down the street filming and giving tests to students with the council.

They gave residents 30 minutes to complete the test, even if they were waiting on previous results from earlier tests.

Birmingham City Council being interviewed by the BBC on Heeley

One house on Heeley was interviewed twice, before and after taking a home coronavirus test. Megan, a second year Medical student at the house told The Birmingham Tab, “The city council came to the door and asked how we are coping with coronavirus and being a student at this time. I said that we’ve had to take a test a couple of times before and we expect it to be a regular thing”.

All seven students were offered the test, with 30 minutes in between interviews. One resident told the Birmingham Tab that she already took a test yesterday due to symptoms developing, and is awaiting results, however took another one as the kit was given to her.

Students about to take the tests

Other journalists and photographers lined the street, with some from Birmingham Mail and other news sources.

Another resident, Caitlin, a second year Medical student was given a home test, “We’ve never done home tests before and not gonna lie the boxes were really hard to put together. 15 steps to take a test was really confusing and complicated, and I’m a medical student!”, she told The Birmingham Tab.

The home kits taken by the residents

The segment is expected to air this evening, with the residents speculating it to be focused on the high rates of Covid-19 cases in Selly, or students response to the new ‘3 tier’ lockdown system.

Guidance and advice for students at the university concerned with the current outbreak can be found here.

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