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Birmingham is in tier two according to the new lockdown system

We will no longer be able to socialise in pubs and bars with people outside our household

Birmingham has been placed in tier two of the new lockdown levels, with the city graded as “high” alert level.

At 3.30pm today Boris Johnson announced a new three-tier system to help with the rising COVID-19 cases across the UK.

The three-tier system divides the country into “medium”, “high” or “very high” risk depending on the number of cases in the area.

Birmingham and other cities in tier two will be banned from socialising in indoor venues such as pubs and bars. People will only be able to go to such venues with people in their household.

Stricter restrictions were previously placed on Birmingham on 15th September, preventing residents from mixing with people outside of their household in their houses and gardens.

Whilst the ban on mixing inside houses remains, it is unclear whether meeting in private gardens is still banned.

Liverpool has been placed in tier three at “very high risk”. Restrictions in these areas include the closure of pubs, gyms, betting shops and bars.

According to the MSOA, Selly Oak has only 131 new positive cases from 30th September to 6th October, compared to Nottingham with 758. This suggests that Birmingham should remain in tier two and even move to tier one if rates continue to fall.

These new measures will take effect on Wednesday.