UoB bans house parties and puts Freshers in bubbles

Bye-bye one-night stands…

All freshers moving into Birmingham will be in ‘support bubbles’ of their flats, socially distanced from their coursemates and banned from experiencing key parts of uni culture.

Birmingham is now in a local lockdown, and although the university says this won’t affect student’s studies, it will affect their lives.

This is everything we know about what living in university accommodation will be like this year.

One hour slots to move in – with one person to help

Although it’s not forbidden for students to bring their entire family to help them make the step from home to uni, they have been strongly discouraged from doing this. Instead, each student has a one hour time slot, with dates stretching right back from the 5th September. 

Face-masks are also being encouraged during these times, and social distancing restrictions will be in place. 

Moving to university is still considered ‘essential travel’, so there’s little worry to be had there, despite the increased restrictions in Brum. 

Better chum up with your flatmates

They are the only people you’ll be allowed near for the foreseeable future. Yes, your support bubble will be four to seventeen strangers that you won’t meet until that fateful day you step through the front door of your flat. 

The university has stated that “you and your flatmates are legally not permitted to socialise with people from other household bubbles.” 

If you or any of your flatmates show symptoms of Covid-19, you’ll be self-isolating until a test is taken. The university has instructed students to share the results with them through Living’s Accommodation app, and positive results will mean you and your bubble will need to isolate. 

One night stands banned

Of course, with this news comes the sad fact that freshers won’t get to experience the stereotypes of university life this year. No massive flat parties, no in-person events, and decreased access to the library. And no one-night stands.

House parties are being called out and reported on Brumfess and Fab already. Although it is unclear whether the university will be issuing fines, Bristol Uni are charging £800 each time rules are broken, and it could soon be happening to UoB students too. 

Freshers events move online

The good news is that both the Hall Reps and the Student Mentors teams have many events planned, from cooking lessons to outdoor cinemas, and a game of laser tag. Although many iconic events have been cancelled, such as the Freshers Ball, it won’t be a completely dry Welcome Week.

UoB’s Freshers Fair has also been moved online by the Guild, and student groups will be holding events through Zoom.

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