The 18 best things to do as a UoB student – by UoB students

So, you’ve firmed Brum? Got your results? Here are a few suggestions to get you started in September

Results day is here! After months of lockdown and no exams, welcome to UoB. Your university experience starts right now.

There is so much to see and discover both on the university campus and in the 2nd largest city in England.

We have compiled a few suggestions of how to explore uni and see for yourself what Birmingham has to offer. 

1.  Get a pic of Old Joe

For those of you unsure what this is, it is the huge clock tower that you can’t miss and the largest free-standing clock tower in the world) from at least a couple of angles – let’s hope the chime is fixed by September.

The iconic photo we all have to get at one point!

2. Take a trip up the Teaching and Learning building stairs (extra points if you do one stair per leg!)

The new building was opened in 2020 and even has it’s own café inside the building.

3. Grab some food at Joe’s Bar and get your song requests in at the same time; we recommend the burgers and vegan pizza!

The venue was also recently refurbished last year and is a great place to have a catch up with friends. The bar is converted into a late night venue for weekly Fab N’ Fresh events on a Saturday night – a guaranteed wild night with many VK.

Image may contain: Bar Counter, Restaurant, Lighting, Pub, Floor, Flooring, Person, Human

4. Picnic at The Vale Lake

The Vale is a great place to do a bit of bird-spotting while you’re at it. 

5. Have your first pint at The Goose

One of multiple pubs that Selly has to offer. The pub also does some decent food tbf.

6. Pop down to Aldi in Selly

Inaugurate yourself in the blessings of the middle aisle. Maybe avoid Saturday mornings, unless you want to be queuing for a long time. 

7. Have your first experience with circuit laundry

Get ready to spend endless money and time trying to salvage socks. 

8. Cook a flat meal

Impress your flat mates with your new found culinary skills (thanks mum) or push yourself out of your comfort zone and try some new foods?                                                                                                                                                                                                     

9. Explore the tropical paradise of Winterbourne House and Garden and enjoy free admission with your UoB student card

One of UoB’s best kept secrets. A must visit for when your older relatives come to stay, the scenic gardens also have a museum and café which is worth visiting.

Winterbourne house and garden

10. Organise a study day with your friends in the new library

You’ll probably end up going to the Library Cafe at some point to meet your friends. But, at least after an hour in the library you’ll feel productive!

11. Join a society

Whether this is a new hobby, established passion or sport, getting involved in different societies is a great way to meet new people and to have fun. Or even better why not set one up, there’s always something missing.

No description available.

12. Venture into central Birmingham by train (from University station) or by bus (£1 with your UoB student card)

To shop, visit the Bullring. For bars, restaurants and a wander, try the Jewellery Quarter. If you’re looking for edgy scenes, Digbeth’s your best bet. 

The Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham City Centre

13. Mix up your probably mundane diet of pasta and baked beans by checking out the regular on campus farmer’s market                           

Definitely worth spending time at the market in between lectures. 

14. If music’s your thing, attend a live music recital in the Bramall Music Building

Also, standing outside the Bramall Music Building is an ideal place to capture that selfie with Old Joe.

15. Relax and unwind in Green Heart between lectures, seminars, tutorials etc

In case you missed it, Birmingham has more trees than people btw. The Green Heart reportedly cost nearly £17 million to build at the time.

Old Joe and The Green Heart

The new Green Heart at the centre of campus.

16. Expose your friends embarrassing moments and secret crushes on Brumfess

The great thing about the page is that the whole thing is anonymous so you can really confess to who you love without anyone knowing who you really are.

17. Order a Dilshad’s takeaway – the iconic curry house frequented by UoB students

The restaurant is located in Selly along Bristol Road which is a popular place for students to live in their 2nd and 3rd years at university.

18. Walk along the famous Brum canals

 How about the 2 mile walk from the Vale into the city centre?  Some people have compared the canals to those in Venice. It has even been reported that we have more canals in the West Midlands than in Venice itself.

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