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Everyone stop what you’re doing and rejoice because Joe’s Bar are now offering a post-Fab fry up

All our prayers have been answered

It was announced this morning that from 25th February, Joe's Bar will be serving full English breakfasts every Sunday.

Marketed as 'the perfect answer to your post-FAB hangover', the fry ups will be available from midday until 7pm so you don't even have to get put of bed that early to secure one!

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Hangover or not yes please

The announcement was posted in the Fab N Fresh page, the university's Facebook group, which is named after the acclaimed night out held every Saturday in Joe's Bar. It has already reached over 200 engagements despite the price not yet being revealed.

What better way can there be to set yourself up for the new week and all the work you have inevitably left until Sunday night to complete?

It really does look like the perfect pick me up to get rid of those post-Fab blues. Now the countdown to the 25th begins.