Spotted: Free periods return to the Guild

We couldn’t be happier

It is yet to be officially announced but this morning, free sanitary products were spotted by The Tab in the toilets of the Guild of Students.

This is not the first time the Guild have invested in 'Free Periods' in the hope that it will reduce the number of students resorting to unhealthy measures such as back-to-backing the pill or making homemade alternatives, having to miss out on sports, lectures, or social events, or simply having to endure the embarrassment of getting your period unexpectedly on campus.

Every girl knows the cost of periods, it is so much more than simply buying the pads or tampons (and they aren't cheap either!). Recently Tesco became the first supermarket to cover the cost of the controversial tampon tax, reducing the cost of over 100 sanitary products by 5%. While there is still a long way to go in this battle, it is encouraging to see that the university is prepared to do its bit and support their female students.

Hopefully this initiative is back for good!