Rugby Union Varsity: UoB Sport vs UoB Medics

The most competitive and unpredicatable Rugby Union Varsity in the country

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University of Birmingham’s Rugby Union match between the Medics and UoB sport will take place tomorrow on the Bournbrook pitches, and is set be be one of the most popular games to take place at the University this year. UoB sport is out to avenge their loss from last year, while the Medics hope to extend their winning streak to two in a row. Both teams have a lot of respect for one another, but this just makes their rivalry all the more fierce.

Both teams look ready

The Tab has interviewed members of both teams, and have put together a fact-file on key players:

Why should people support the Medics instead of UoB sport?

“We are a far more experienced team and have excellent camaraderie. This experience has given us an excellent team spirit which affords us the ability to dig deep which could be a decisive factor in the game.

“We have nothing to lose, as everyone expects UoB sport to win as we are a self funded/coached team, this will allows us to play our own game. It’s the biggest fixture of the year by far for us, faculty sides in most Universities aren’t competitive, however we very much are.

We won last year and out of our previous five meetings we have one two. We now know them as a team quite well, therefore we are aware of the style they will play at the weekend.”

How confident is UoB sport going into this fixture?

“We have recently been promoted to Premiership League A North and have beaten top teams such as Loughborough and Nottingham. Therefore we are bringing good form into the match, and have some good new freshers who have stepped up and will be a surprise to the Medics.

“Unfortunately, we narrowly lost last year however, that disappointment has fuelled us for this year. The Medics are a very experienced side, and have been playing with each other for the past 5 years.  Although they may have the experience, we have the talent.

“This is the biggest game of the season for them and they bring a big crowd and will be pumped up.  To be honest, a lot of our lads just see it as a warm up for next weeks game at Newcastle.”

Medics key players fact file:

Name: Steffan Griffin (Club Captain)

Position: Fly Half

Celeb Crush: Megan Markle

Man Crush: Gavin Henson (Quality calves)

Signature Move: Blistering pace

Party Trick: The ability to seduce a woman with nothing but lies

Drinking Ability (1-10): 6, but a 7 on Hooch

Name: Chaz Hudson (Chairman)

Position: Prop

Celeb Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Man Crush: Danny Cipriani

Signature Move: Highest scoring medic of all time and he’s a prop!

Party Trick: Condom snorting

Drinking Ability: 1, on a good day


UoB Sport Key Player fact files:

Name: Bill Fisher (First team Captain)

Position: Back Row

Celeb Crush: Keira Knightly

Man Crush: Will Onslow-Wyld

Signature Move: Trundling

Party Trick: Glass Eating

Drinking Ability: 3

Name: Chris Lippiatt (Vice Captain)

Celeb Crush: Emily Ratajkowski

Man Crush: Luke Jeamot

Signature Move: The Lippo Bus

Party Trick: Underground Grime legend

Drinking Ability: 7