Clubbers of the week

Reading week hasn’t stopped ya

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Annoyed clubber of the week


Maybe someone pushed in front of him at the bar, or the staff didn’t get his drinks order right. Either way, this guy is not a happy bunny.

Couple of the week


These guys are ADORABLE. Just look at his smirk. He’s definitely proud of himself.

Drinker of the week


This gal in the pink thought she’d take advantage of the photo opportunity by having a cheeky sip of her mate’s drink, even though there is definitely also a glass in her hand. He may be unaware, but we noticed.

Snog of the week


Not entirely sure if the guy on the left anticipated the romantic moment- or maybe he’s just put off by the guy on the right breathing down their necks whilst they’re getting busy.

Harshest clubber of the week


The guy back left did NOT want the poor girl in the green top stealing his limelight.

Headbanger of the week


Whip that luscious hair back and forth.

Hipster shot of the week


Alone. Pensive. Staring off into the distance. No hint of emotion. Hipster nailed.

Most unwelcome kiss of the week


Let’s call this pose the ‘wide-eyed surprise’

Nap of the week


The girl at the back is desperately trying to keep up with her mates, when clearly all she wants is her bed. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

Pick of the week


Go on lad, dig for gold.

Pimp of the week


If that isn’t a gloating smirk, I don’t know what is.

Pout of the week


Work it.

Promo of the week


Propaganda’s promoters know what they’re doing.

Stare of the week


They are genuinely scrutinizing our souls.


The ‘I’ve had one too many’


But she is 110% loving it. And she’ll be back at it next week.