Battle of the Pubs: Selly Oak edition

Best pub in Selly? You decide.

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The time has come to settle the debate. Which venue in Selly is the King of the Pubs?

The Goose

First up we have The Goose. The Goose satisfies our need for a real pub. Its got cheap food, cheap drink and locals who are always up for a chat whether you want to chat to them or not. Pros include a large smoking area, extensive drink deals like 2 bottles for £6, and an all day lunch and drink meal deal for £5.49. Sadly, it does seem to be lacking a student vibe, which is often a selling point to many. It can also be rammed most of the time due to its popularity.

The S’Oak

The S’Oak has upped its game in the last year since its makeup in the summer of 2016. The £4.99 lunch meal deal offers premium food and drink for student friendly prices. Three pool tables, a wide selection of lager (the only pub on Bristol Road with Budweiser on tap), and a choice of sofas, booths or chairs makes this a cozy spot to meet with your mates. However, drawbacks include the lack of outdoor seating, pricy food (not on the meal deal) when you consider you could go to The Pear for a similar price and better quality, and the fact that it can quickly feel crowded and noisy due to its open plan, single room design.

The Country Girl

Situated on Raddlebarn Road, The Country Girl will be familiar to any of you who live in the upper parts of Selly or those who are willing to walk that extra mile to enjoy the feeling of a nice country pub. The Country Girl offers an extensive choice of ales as it is part of the Ember chain who brew many of their own beers. The Country Girl oozes warm, English, quiant country pub whilst in a contemporary city setting. But be prepared to pay for the quality and rich experience offered. Perhaps one to stick to for birthdays and parents being in town rather than your typical friday night scene. There’s also not many students here. If you can look past the price and the non-student nature, you’re in for good food in a traditional atmosphere.

The Bristol Pear 

The Pear has become a power player in the Selly pub scene since its makeover last summer. Glam cocktails, modern stylish decor, classy food and a wide selection of real ales all give the Pear high status. Remember to take out a mortgage before you head down as it’s pricey (some pints are £4.50+), a fact which can be off putting for the frugal student who prefers change from a £5 note. A quality selection of live sport on projectors, a function room available for student hire, and a classy vibe makes this Selly’s premium Tinder date spot. Price, distance from central Bristol Road and being often busy due to its popularity however all set the Pear back.

Urban Village

Technically not a pub so a controversial entry on our list. Urban is the quintessential student bar. With drinks deals such as £1.65 pints, 2 bottles for £5, and a quiz night with a £100 cash prize. Urban is the choice of many sports teams and societies alike who descend on Urban for cheap, cheerful, messy pre drinks before their nights out. Advantages are an outdoor bar, covered heated smoking area, a student only entry policy and most importantly rock bottom prices. Unfortunately though, they don’t have a food menu. The limited choice of draught drinks compared to other places, and the inconvenient opening hours don’t lend any favours to Urban’s pursuit of best pub/bar in Selly.

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