bristol road

Battle of the Pubs: Selly Oak edition

Best pub in Selly? You decide.

Selly Sausage up for sale

Where are we going to get our post-Fab breakfasts now?!

The S’Oak under investigation after alleged anti-semetic row

Brum graduate was told ‘fuck off then, Yid’

Two men are in hospital after their car crashed on Bristol Road last night

The car has been written off

Bristol Road is the most dangerous place in Selly

Take care out there people

Pedestrian hit by tanker on Bristol Road

They have been taken to hospital

Bristol Road is the most dangerous place to live in Selly

Bear this in mind when picking your student house

Fresher mowed down in ‘horrific’ car collision on the way to Sports Night

Students were left traumatised by the sight of a “motionless” body lying next to the vehicle

‘Chauvinistic pigs’ viciously egged girls in Selly Oak

A number of girls fell foul to a series of nasty egging attacks last week

Riding Dirty: Fab goers mugged in drive-by theft

The attackers grabbed the victims’ hands while they rifled through their pockets