Why do we hide behind our computers?

Words still hurt when they’re typed

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We rely on technology every day and many couldn’t live without it. It is present in pretty much every aspect of our lives; we are surrounded by it. Technology is amazing, yes. The future, yes. But how often do you stop to consider the negative ways in which it affects our lives?

The internet gives us access to many things which we would otherwise not have access too, such as expert information, worldwide communication, and creative platforms to name just a few. However, it also gives us more opportunity to mistreat others.


The internet gives us the power to say things to and about others which we would never normally say in person. It distances the words from the impact they have on their target, somehow making the speaker feel less guilty. But does it make you less guilty? Does it make your words any less harmful? No. So why do we do it?

Many businesses have capitalised on this seeming desire to hurt others, producing apps and websites which give their users anonymity.


All you have to do is scroll through YikYak for a couple of minutes and you will see several comments intended to insult or upset others. Why do we do this? Why do we intentionally say things which we know are going to hurt others?

Don’t get me wrong though; apps and websites such as these aren’t all bad. In fact they have many good aspects. They make it easier and safer for people to express their views, allow complete freedom of speech and prevent bias.

Used in the right way, these media can be very positive things. The problem is that at the moment, in general, they are not. Rather than using the above points as positives, many people twist them into a weapon against others. It’s anonymity to hurt others whilst being absolved from blame rather than anonymity to make a positive difference.


Judging others is something we are all guilty of at some point in our lives, but why do so many people feel the need to vocalise it? To make others for bad for being different. For being themselves. Increasing ones self-esteem by lowering another’s really isn’t a thing you know. Making fun of others or simply being intentionally mean does not make anyone feel better and certainly doesn’t make the instigator admirable.

Why can’t we use technology to support and be kind to each other rather than pulling each other down? Spread love, not hate, and if you can’t do that, spread nothing.