Struggles of being a student at UoB

Bet you can’t wait to come back

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Birmingham. A city with a big reputation, and sometimes, not in a positive way. Fellow Russell groups generalise our Uni, housed in the UKs second city, but we know the truth. We know that the drab concrete buildings of Birmingham’s stereotype are flawed and that in fact, our campus boasts a pretty wonderful aesthetic and many a wild night out at fab.

Keep on reading if you want to see a summary of UoBs very best trumps of our countries ignorant generalisations.

Having such a pretty campus 

What a pretty campus

When it’s all sunny like this, bringing out the sepia hues within our gorgeous architecture, it’s basically comparable with a favela. A hard life.

Joe’s Bar 

Located in the Guild, in the middle of it all. Good location, good grub.

Old Joe 

Majestic and overlooking the campus

Because we just love going on and on about the bad karma walking underneath it (while it chimes) provides. Nevertheless, hands-down the most iconic landmark of the University.

There are three Costas and a Starbucks on campus

Never too far away from one of those, perfect for satisfying a caffeine-fuelled revision session/study break. No one can criticise that, sheesh.

We have our own train station 

Birmingham is the only university in the country with its very own station on campus hence the station is literally called “university” as it doesn’t even have to specify which one. Together with nearby Selly Oak train station, going home for the weekend or visiting friends have never been easier.

Great selection of student pubs 

The S’Oak, Bristol Pear and Urban Village are all favourites among the students. Also if you don’t pub quiz at Urban yet are you even a true UoB student?

Stuesdays and Sports nights are where the VKs are at

Squad loves VKs

‘Nuff said.

Vodka redbulls for Vodbull @ Snobs Thursday nights 

The classic signature drink of Thursday nights

Nothing compares to Fab, though

Most of your Saturday nights will be here, on the floor. Or getting chucked out of the boys loos for sneaking in when the girls’ line is weaving down the corridor. Again, it is in the Guild so no need to spend on taxis, plus more time at pre-drinks.


Post-Fab/Sports Night Roosters is pretty much a rite of passage to beat that hangover. In fact, you’ll probably bribe your taxi driver, after a night in the city, to wait for you while you queue down the road for that one quid chips.

Inter-hall rivalry is an actual thing 

Especially Mason vs Tennis Courts or against the rest of the Vale. Omg and Halls nights out…just steer clear.

Shopping trips to the Bullring 

Birmingham shopping

Easily accessed by public transport. Bullring has a great selection of shops. London seems so confusing after this.

… And taking a picture with the Bull statue outside the Bullring 

It is the most iconic part of the Bullring. Obvs.

Getting hyped whenever Feed Em to the Lions come on 

Most well known for being an American Football chant, now it is also used to identify Birmingham.

Surely it’s impossible to not love Birmingham.