A UOB Student is running to be Selly Oak councillor

He’s a man with a plan

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Dan is studying Economics and has been involved with the Green Party since he was 13. 

It’s unclear how much interest the average student takes in politics nowadays. Though there was a spike in involvement at last years general election, the majority Tory victory threw many off course. Many of us went back to our typical student lifestyle of drink and debauchery, believing any attempts made to change the status-quo would be futile.

Not all of us though. 20 year old Dan Wilshire, a second year Economics student at the University of Birmingham, has been an active Green Party member since he joined them at the age of 13. Now he’s standing as the Green Party candidate in the Selly Oak council elections. Dan has a plan – and here it is.

(He's the guy in the green shirt)

(He’s the guy in the green shirt)

As is typical of a Green candidate, Dan is extremely committed to environmentalism. He convinced his local council, at the age of 15, to approve a wind turbine project after giving a speech and rallying local support.

However, he believes environmentalism and sustainability is not just about tree hugging. His pledge to create a cleaner Selly Oak could benefit us all; as Dan says himself, “no one wants a messy town, and Selly Oak needs a clean”.

He sees providing bigger and better rubbish facilities, particularly for student houses that have a large number of occupants, as a key priority. He also pledges to improve the provision of bins and recycling bins, so the trash isn’t left out on our streets.


Dodging all the bin bags

As a student himself, he believes he can both sympathise with, and stand up for our concerns. He prioritises working towards better and more affordable housing – one of the biggest problems students currently face.

With the recent spike in crime on Selly Oak’s streets, Dan also wants to make sure student’s safety concerns are heard and dealt with properly, by whatever means that will be.


Dan’s campaign takes into consideration not just students, but all Selly Oak residents. He believes if Selly Oak elects a student councillor, it will break down the barrier that can exist between students and non-student residents.

He envisages us working together to create a ‘better Selly Oak for all’. His election could dismantle the disparaging stereotypes undergrads are often charged with, and prove that today’s students are ultimately interested in working towards a common good.

A quieter Selly Oak is a Selly Oak he is committed to. Let’s face it, some of us can be annoying when we head back from Fab on a Saturday night. Noise pollution from drunken students is a concern raised by ordinary Selly Oak residents, and other students alike. By working with the Guild of Students and the University, Dan believes he can secure “a quieter, more peaceful Selly Oak after dark.”

Today- saving Selly Oak. Tomorrow- staying in the EU

Today- saving Selly Oak. Tomorrow- staying in the EU

Here’s what the man himself has to say about why he has decided to stand:

“I’ve always cared about people and making a difference. We need to make a safer, cleaner and better Selly Oak for everyone. We need a councillor who cares about the people here. That councillor is me.”

While Selly Oak council has been a Labour hold for the past few years, on the 5th of May, Selly Oak residents can vote for a new councillor.

If you think Dan is the man, and want to consider backing #DanWithAPlan, you may want to check out his official campaign website: http://www.votedan.co.uk/