Roosters are opening a campus branch

The favourite of Selly Oak will also appear after Fab and Sports Night

Selly’s most famous chicken shop will be appearing on campus after a request to the Guild was submitted last month.

Roosters are said to be seeking permission for a van selling their famous chicken deals to occupy a space on campus after Sports Night and Fab.

While it is unclear where the shop will be located, this is said to be a trial for a potential move to campus later on in the year in an effort to reduce the pressure on the Selly shop and bring chicken to the first years of the Vale. A burger-van style branch of Roosters will therefore make an appearance twice a week.


Although it is unclear how this would fit with the Guild’s supposed promotion of a healthy lifestyle with the opening of the new sports centre, it is undeniable that this will increase the success of Fab and Sports Night beyond current measures. This can also be seen as a safety move, with the recent attacks in Selly Oak endangering students after nights out. By bringing Selly’s most popular chicken shop to campus, the amount of students on the street for hours after is predicted to reduce significantly.


Where happiness is made

Second year Suzanne Stone, a Roosters regular, commented, “So excited to not have to walk that excruciating few minutes from Fab to Roosters. Who knows, maybe if I eat it by the time I get to the one on Bristol Road I’ll have time to get seconds? This move signals massive profits for Roosters, and massive weight gain for me.”

Others are more sceptical, with History second year Lucy Burbridge  questioning the move. “With a Roosters on campus, I’m not sure how I’ll make it through the walk home. Chicken at the end is the only thing that makes me brave it”.

Despite a controversial 2/5 rating from the Food Standards Agency last year, Roosters continues to be the most popular chicken shop for UOB students for post-night out snacks, whilst rivals such as Adam’s have begun to close down. It is expected that this new venture will only see the success of Rooster’s spread further.