University is the best time to be single

Being single doesn’t make you a loser, it makes you a legend

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University is a time for you to enjoy being free. It is a time to be selfish and think about what you want to do in life. A time to explore your options and make mistakes. Generally, if you are in a relationship at university you are missing out on many cracking opportunities. You may have skipped that big house night out because you told your lover you would have a ‘movie night’. How terribly boring. You could watch a movie any old time, but these house nights bring you closer to your friends and make for great banter which you will have to now observe from the sidelines. Here are all the advantages of being single at uni…

Not having to share a bed

For me, the best part about being single is the ability to spread myself out like a star fish in bed every single night and enjoy all the luxurious space. Really, who wants someone ruining what could be a lovely sleep, with their annoying habits? I mean, duvet hogging, deep breathing, being woke up early in the morning because they can’t sleep. Do not talk to me before 11am. On top of this, I can think of nothing worse than being hot and sweaty and smothered from spooning all night. Just get out.

All mine.

Your feelings rarely get hurt

University is the time to do what you like because you genuinely like it, not because your girl or boyfriend likes it. It’s the time to worry about yourself, not to constantly worry about your other half and their feelings. It is a pain and you are jeopardizing your future by focusing so much on someone else. You need to remain strong, and always think about number one no matter what. This is an impossible task with a partner.

My one true love…

You don’t have to evenly distribute your time

Splitting your time between friends and your partner is not easy and more so than less, your partner takes priority 99% of the time. Remember, friends are forever…unless you’re bailing on them constantly. Who needs to be in a relationship to feel loved? You have friends for all that stuff. Don’t worry that you’ll end up alone with only nine cats for company. When the time is right, you’ll find someone.

Who says you need a boyfriend to cuddle?

You can do all of the same things with your friends…

All the things you do with your other half, you can do with your best friend – other than sex that is… But hey ho, you have other options in this department. What’s university for if not a little smidge of naughty irresponsibility? But do be careful not to take ‘irresponsibility’ a little too far. Don’t be silly, wrap your willy. There’s no excuse for that friends with benefits situation that only ends in tears.

Guilt-free flirting from day one

You won’t have the risk of failing your exams

People in relationships complain about not doing well at university. No sympathy for you folks. Maybe if you spend more time doing your work and revising for that exam instead of spending all day and night with your man or woman cuddling up watching romcoms you would have got that 2.1.

All in all, be single and love life

Not meaning to hate on all you love birds, if you are in a relationship and happy then good for you. But those of you who are single, enjoy the freedom and go crazy. Recent statistics have shown a depressing 2% of teenage relationships last and get married. Evidently, unless you are an exception to the rule, which, by the way, all couples think they are, you will break up at some point. Why not stay single at university and have a blast, avoiding the inevitable heartbreak?

You have your whole life to be in a relationship and get married and stick with that one person for the rest of your life. So enjoy being single at university…