How to pull off the hungover look

Because normally we all look a mess

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We’ve all been there. One too many VK’s at Fab or back home for 6am after a Vodbull-Roosters extravaganza. Either way, I don’t care what anyone says, there’s no escaping the imminent hangover. I’ve seen loads of stuff recently telling people how to avoid a hangover. From personal experience, this is not possible. We have to face facts, accept the hangover, and try to look our very best. It needs to be dealt with. This can seem an impossible task, but if you’ve got lectures to attend, places to go, or people to see, something needs to be done to make yourself look a little less hungover…

Slap on loads of make-up

That’s right, plaster it all over your face. Take no prisoners. Heavy duty concealer… check. A good smothering of foundation… check. Bit of blusher to put some colour back into your face after spending the morning with your head down the toilet throwing up… check. Lashings of mascara to make your eyes look more ‘awake’ (even though you’re pretending you’re still in bed)… check.

You’re good to go.


Wear some sunglasses

Or you could just forget the make-up and whack on a pair of sunnies instead. Because let’s face it, who has the extra time and energy to cover yourself up with make-up when you could be sleeping or lying on the bathroom floor? The only problem with this method is that you may look a little questionable if it’s a dreary day or if you’re inside, but hopefully people will realise you’re hanging, and have the good sense not to question your decision.


Drink liquids throughout the day

Everyone knows you should drink more water when you’re hungover to re-hydrate your body. This could make those testing times in a seminar when you’re put right on the spot, all  the more easy. Not everyone can stomach an excess of water on a hangover, but it’s best to keep a bottle with you at all times. Or better yet, you could be super-cool and have Rubicon. Either way if you feel like you have a dry mouth, your morning will be ruined.


Embrace it, don’t deny it

Now your final option is to just accept your hangover for what it is – don’t try and avoid it the night before, let your inhibitions go and be prepared to look amazing in the morning still. The temporary state of disgustingness will soon come to an end – eventually. Go out and feel proud with no make-up, no shades and no liquids in your body. Just tell yourself you’re still loving life and that should take you right through your seminar and right back to bed straight after.

Stay strong, ride it out and do it all again next weekend – or tomorrow night.