I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour

It’s a way of life

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Every girl does it: you rifle through your closet surveying the options knowing full well you’ll end up in your black Joni’s, a black top and some black shoes too. Maybe you’ll add some colour – like a camel coat – but black is your overall vibe.

It’s classy, it’s easy and it’s actually quite sassy too. Your dad may say you look like a Goth, but wearing black is a way of life, it becomes part of who you are, and here’s why.


All black everything

Black becomes your aesthetic

Black becomes your thing, your aesthetic – something that defines your style. If you ever dare to dress in different colours people are always like “what’s happened?!” Sure, the odd white top may come out in the summer, and you might just about manage to throw on a jewel-toned dress for a party, but almost every time it’s back to black like your name is Amy Winehouse.

Black solves all of your problems

Whenever you’re wearing black, the day just seems to breeze by. If you spill something on yourself, it doesn’t matter – you’re wearing black. If it’s getting a little warm and you’re experiencing some serious underarm leakage – black covers up those sweat stains. Black hides a multitude of sins, and we should be forever thankful.

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Even my bikinis are black

You can wear a plain black outfit from a day at lectures to a night out

Black works for any time of day. You can wear black jeans and a crop top to lectures, then just ditch the jumper and add some heels (black of course) when you’re heading out to FAB. No agonizing about what goes with what: it’s just a plain, easy decision.


They know

Black works for all seasons

It’s one of the only shades flattering for all skin tones, so works all year round. So many dresses and tops are made redundant in the winter by their vibrant colours and tropical patterns, but black works in every temperature.


It works for summer too

It goes with literally everything

Black is a fail safe option you always feel good in. It goes with everything – from bright colours to a neutral palette, you never have to worry about clashing with black, unless you face that dreaded problem where two of your black shades don’t quite match – the horror.

It helps when you’re feeling a little lumpy in all the wrong places

Black is universally known for being slimming and it makes the most of every wonderful body shape, hiding all your flaws if you’re feeling a little rough.


Black is for the gym too

It looks more expensive even though it’s often cheaper

Unlike other colours, you can’t really tell the quality of black clothes because, well, you can’t really see them. These handy little perk means something from Primark can easily look like Acne’s finest.

You never have to worry about colours running in the wash

There’s few things worse than destroying a white top. One of them is when your blacks fade.


If your black clothes fade in the wash because you wear them too much, they’re easy to dye back again

Thank god for Dylon.

An all-black outfit is the sassiest look there is

Wearing all black is really a girl thing. We just get it in a way guys don’t. They may say we look like goths, but we know there’s nothing better than going out head-to-toe in shades of darkness. You immediately bond with people who are in on the same vibe. It gives you an inner confidence, forcing you to break out your comfort zone and rock the sexy but intimidating look of a girl with perfect brows and pure black fashion. With such a strong look you can just ignore the haters, because black is the most classic of all colours and, once you’ve tried it, you really can’t go back.