The sofas in Beorma are just one of the reasons why it’s the best bit of Fab

It’s seriously chill

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You don’t ever plan to go to Beorma, you just undoubtedly end up there at some point during your night.

You’ll have had a few too many Jägerbombs, be hopelessly searching for your friends and then you know it’s time to crash on the sofas there – and that’s exactly what makes it so great. Take any random fresher and ask them what they think of the Beorma bar and you’ll probably be met with a response of “where?” It’s exclusive: a little VIP section of Fab hidden in plain sight.

It has sofas. As much as I absolutely love dancing like the obligatory weird uncle at a wedding, you simply can’t keep up that kind of energy for three hours straight – sometimes you just need to have a little breather, grab a drink and get comfortable with some friends. This again is where Beorma comes into its own – you can sit, relax and catch your breath.

Perfect for the squad

The sofas also make for a great meeting place. Instead of vague directions over text and trying to make out your friends in a large crowd, you can instead just sit on a sofa, keeping half an eye on the door and find your friends immediately.

Don’t be fooled by anyone trying to tell you the underground bar is better, because Beorma has the best toilet access in all of Fab. They’re right next to the bar, plus without the huge crowds of people you find in all the other areas, the journey is absolutely no problem at all.

Another way Beorma triumphs is you don’t end up overheating and caked in sweat – there are fewer people, it’s more chilled and there are a good number of windows. Need another drink? I guess you could queue at Joe’s or try and push your way through the underground crowds, but why bother when you can get the exact same drink in less than half the time upstairs?

Fun for societies too

When you walk into the Beorma bar, you’re instantly greeted by a cheery pub vibe. It reminds you of home – it’s like that one pub in your hometown you found out was really lenient on IDs, so you ended up spending a lot of your sixth form there.

The Beorma bar represents a part of the night that is so hugely under-appreciated: the time when you can be social and actually get to know the random group of people you’ve been dancing with for a while. It’s a smoking area for non-smokers, except instead of standing outside in the pouring rain and cold you can instead sit in the luxurious and warm room, fresh drink in hand and with toilets just around the corner.