The underground is the best floor of Fab

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

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The underground is hands down the best part of Fab. Yes we all sweat as much as the guy whose had to take his shirt off to rap to N*****s in Paris, but every cloud has a silver lining.

Queuing for drinks here is a much more productive effort than in any other bar in the Guild. The underground bar being the shape and size it is makes it so easy to find a place to sneak in front of the rookie fresher, who’s not staked their claim at the bar. Do you want to dance completely full out while your mate buys the drinks and not have to worry about losing them? That’s fine, there is ample space to stand in your own clear spot while grooving. You can still have a good look at the queue – there’s even one of those comfy weird booths where you can sit round a table if your dancing feet need a rest as well.


Underground life is da one

You’re definitely in a powerful position for toilet breaks in the underground, too. You can leave at either end and find your way to separate loos and be sorted in a jiffy – just don’t use the boys’ if you’re a girl as you’ll get chucked out.

The underground is the perfect setting for any incompetent dancers who like to fling their limbs around and not give a crap whether they look remotely attractive or not. It’s dark enough to be able to hide your terrible twerking but still roomy enough so you can let loose whatever the weather.

They play RnB classic after classic, featuring a sprinkle of Jay Z and some other rappers I’m not cool enough to know. If you love Beyonce there is no need to move from the downstairs floor at all. But the best part is you literally have everything you need on one floor, and it’s all easy to get to. Even when it’s really busy, the underground crowd is never as aggressive or made up of rampant first years like Joes Bar.


Too classic


There’s even room to pose

Toilet convenience, RnB classics and room to try your terrible twerking in the dark – what more could you want from a night out at Fab?