Happy fifth birthday Seedy Sonics

‘The parties have always and will always be about the music’

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You’ve probably only got into it in the past year, but the delightful Seedy Sonics are celebrating their fifth anniversary. In an exclusive interview, The Tab had the chance to chat to the man behind the magic.

How does it feel reaching the half decade mark, it must feel like a big achievement?

“We are proud to have reached this landmark, it’s nice to think over a five year period there’s a significant number of different people who we’ve hopefully managed to make happy, even if it’s just for one evening where they’ve seen one of their favourite DJs at one of the best clubbing venues in the country.”

Has this success met your expectations you had at the beginning?

“The success of the brand and the ongoing development each year has far surpassed our original expectations. When we first started out we just wanted a platform to play music to people who came to dance, which was a massive jump from being bedroom DJs. Along the journey we’ve always remembered how we began and have always made sure to give aspiring DJs a chance to prove themselves in a club environment, and we believe in creating a network of creative like-minded individuals who need somewhere to express themselves.”

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Loving it

Has the music been a key element throughout your creative processes? In so far as, has it always been about the music first?

“The parties have always and will always be about the music, we’ve championed most genres of electronic music across our shows down the years and still do with an open minded music policy, where you can easily find Drum & Bass DJs alongside House or Techno DJs.  As music connoisseurs, we’ve got a varied taste in our musical palettes and having a bit of variation certainly adds to the vibe at an event. In the space of five minutes you can take in a number of genres and there will always be something to enjoy whatever you’re in to.

“We’ve had the pleasure of booking some of our favourite DJs including David Rodigan, DJ EZ, Alix Perez and Gorgon City and even just by looking at those artists you can see how individual sounds and genres have always been supported at our parties. This boils down to the talented headline DJs and the support DJs who all play a pivotal role in providing the soundtrack to your night out.”

Have there been any moments of which you are extremely proud of?

“There’s been a number of moments to be proud of, from the first show with just over 200 people there to the first time we hosted a room for a bigger brand, right through to the huge summer parties for the last few years where we’ve had multiple rooms of headline DJs performing to over 3,000 people. It’s been emotional to say the least, but a standout moment has to be last year when we hosted our own Seedy Sonics boat party at Outlook Festival in Croatia with Hannah Wants headlining as the sun was setting into the sea.”



Would you say House Music and Dubstep have had a renaissance in recent years?

“Since Dubstep broke through commercially a few years ago, the whole dance music scene has gathered pace and has really broken through on the whole. Club tunes have been getting more and more support on the radio and have been used in adverts or TV programmes. It’s nice to see music we are passionate about having such a success story at the moment, and the positive knock on effect of this is it’s encouraging people to go out and have a dance to music they may not have necessarily come across if it wasn’t being supported on the radio or in the charts.”

Going off.

Going off

Do you ever work with other events and promoters such as yourselves from across the country? 

“Yeah we work with other promoters around the country. We’ve teamed up with brands in London and Leeds to do gig swaps and help support each others events. As competitive as any industry is it’s always good to work with people who are into the same artists and culture as you. The creative opportunities are endless and you never know what doors may open if you expand your networks.”

What are your future plans?

“Our summer party this year will be our first Arena Main Stage event which will be our biggest show to date, and in between now and then we have a few dates at The Rainbow Venues. Also, music fans – keep on the look out for Seedy Records which will be launched in the next few weeks and there will be a few surprises with some international gigs happening over the next 12 months. Check out our Facebook to stay up to date with everything that’s happening.”

Love that colour.

Love that colour

Would you say Seedy Sonics is project of passion for yourself and your team?

“Yes of course. We are constantly working to develop and push the brand forward so that we can continue to support the music we love and the reward comes during any event when we look around and see people enjoying themselves in the crowd and getting lost in the music with their friends. Here’s to another five years.”