Brum’s glittering new members-only club is the most expensive joke in town

Who has £500 to fork out on a membership for a sitting room?

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The Colmore Club is an exclusive new Brum venue, with a membership only policy forcing it into a very niche market – one which excludes anyone who isn’t minted (us, basically). 

Hopefuls have been pledging up to a huge £500 a year to join this exclusive society, which promises to be a high class “chill out” location for Birmingham’s bustling business folk.

With the grand opening on Colmore Row yesterday, the website promises the venue to be “a private members club for upstanding professionals to socialise, network or just relax” – which completely rules out the rest of us in one simple sentence.


The home of The Colmore Club is  grade 2 listed 85-89 Colmore Row

The question is, which sane individual would fork out £500 to essentially have an extra sitting room for after work? Personally, if I was an “upstanding professional” and not a student, I can imagine this to be the last thing I would want to do after work – go and hang around with a group of pretentious individuals in a location where I would not be able to fully relax.

Why would you pay a ridiculous amount of money for such a location when a cup of tea could be waiting at home for you instead?

The Colmore Club claims in it’s motto that it is: “Privacy without pretentiousness, a place where members can come to socialise, do business, relax, refresh or even work, amongst a likeminded professional community with a warm welcome from caring and attentive staff”.

But surely they are contradicting themselves in saying “without pretentiousness”, by asking their new members to pledge such extortionate membership fees.

The boardroom in The Colmore Club

The boardroom in The Colmore Club

On the other hand it is understandable that the business elite would value a location where likeminded individuals can gather and discuss business amongst appreciative company.

Lily Hubbard, a 2nd year Sociology student, added:”I know that if I had £500 I wouldn’t be quick to spend it on club entry for something so ridiculous!”

A much more 'student friendly' environment, with weekly fees of only £5..

A much more ‘student friendly’ environment, with weekly fees of only £5..

The Comore Club has created another exclusive  niche we cannot get involved in. For the time being I think I’ll stick to my Stuesdays ticket for a fiver.