We asked guys what they really think of girls’ fashion

Turns out they don’t really like anything we wear

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We put on whatever the hell we want in the morning, but what do guys think about our ever changing fashions? From bralets to mom jeans, booty shorts to the go-to leather jacket, do they actually like what we wear?

We asked three boys for their opinions: Eliot is a 19 year old second year who studies Chemistry, and loves a cosy jumper. Scott studies Geography and is also in his second year. He’s a big fan of the questionable bucket hat epidemic. Finally, James is a 20 year old Classicist, who raves about studded jumpers.

Turtle necked jumpers

They keep you warm and snug, what’s not to love?

They keep you warm and snug, what’s not to love?

Scott: If you’re wearing it to keep warm, yes. If you’re wearing them because you think it looks nice, no.

James: Some girls can look slick, some can just look like your elderly relatives.

Eliot: I actually quite like the oversized woolly jumpers, they’re pretty standard though.

Ripped jeans

Classic denim jeans, but with a bit of an edge! In our eyes, these are full of sass!

Classic denim jeans, but with a bit of an edge

Scott: The rips are pointless and imply she’s spent too much time on her knees (take as you will…).

James: They’re fine, but if the rip is too big they look like they have fallen in a ditch.

Eliot: Just don’t overdo it on the rips. Oh, and don’t get rips in really tight skinny jeans, because the mini bulge of flesh that develops at the rip is not particularly attractive.

Lace bralette/crop top

Black lace; Classy and seductive, my favourite things!

Black lace: Classy and seductive

Scott: On the right girl these can look good. If you’re not the right girl then don’t bother, I don’t want to see your smega infested belly button piercing.

James: If the girl has a good body they are the epitome of hot – yes.

Eliot: I feel these are too revealing, possibly trashy? But it’s exposure of a different kind that’s my issue with these. As someone who needs at least three jumpers and the thermostat on full just to stop shivering, I have nothing but admiration for the girls (and the occasional lad, truth be told) wearing nothing over these at 3am on Broad Street. In February. How?


Channel your inner Hippy with these floral gems!

Channel your inner Hippy with these floral gems

Scott: They look good, even while screaming: “I love folk music and I found myself in India on my gap year.”

James: They look okay. Comfy I guess.

Eliot: I reckon quite a few girls could pull it off with a really hipster outfit.

Leather jackets

Let your rocky side out with a snazzy leather jacket, we love them, but what do the boys have to say?

Let your rocky side out with a snazzy leather jacket

Scott: If you’re going for “cross dressing John Travolta wannabe” then yeah sure.

James: Yeah, good. But not if they’re studded.

Eliot: A classic really, most girls suit a nice leather jacket. Only in classic colours though, not sure anyone really suits red leather.

Booty shorts

We all want to be Queen B!

We all want to be Queen B

Scott: They will make a girl look slutty, but if she’s hot then I’ll allow it.

James: As long as it’s not a saggy booty then yeah, they look great.

Eliot: As with the crop tops. Are girls somehow immune to frostbite? Seriously, love yourself. Wear a bit more.

Mom jeans

So comfy and roomy, Mom jeans are definitely a firm favourite!

So comfy and roomy, Mom jeans are definitely a firm favourite

Scott: Even Rachel Green struggles to pull them off, leave them in the 90’s, unless you’re fat and they actually fit you.

James: Jeans are jeans, but I prefer skinny.

Eliot: Not exactly the most flattering piece of clothing ever, but then I should imagine they’re comfortable at least. Why should only guys get to choose clothes for comfort’s sake alone?