Risa must check for weapons after man has throat slashed with a Stanley knife

A court hearing yesterday ordered several new licencing conditions

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Controversial Broad Street club Risa will now have to enforce weapon checks on every customer after a man had his throat slashed in a brawl.

A court hearing yesterday ordered 26 new licencing conditions after a man’s throat was cut with a Stanley knife on November 9.

A bare chested man, drenched in blood, was initially arrested at the scene.

A number of men were then kicked outside as a mass brawl continued and police were said to be “overwhelmed” as they failed to detain everyone involved.

In a letter to Birmingham City Licensing Chiefs, Supt Richard Baker said no medical treatment was given to the man at the scene and staff cleaned the evidence ridden crime scene.

It said: “The officers discovered the blood had come from a wound that ran from his left ear to down under his chin.

“Further ejections were made by door staff which led to further disorder outside.

“The officers outside became overwhelmed and had to request for assistance.

“Up to this point officers had only been told a fight had happened and nothing further.

“The injured male had a serious amount of blood on him, and yet was not given any medical treatment.

“And the crime scene, which could have potential clues, was cleaned away by staff.”

Vodbull has now moved to Snobs

But student’s are put off from going to the club, which has caused controversy recently with its Ebola themed party and allegations of revellers being kicked out early.

Second year Economics Student Jake Murphy said: “It’s gone down-hill recently. I used to go there every other week last year, but since it’s lost Vodbull, I haven’t been once.

“I don’t really care if they lose their licence or not.”

Second year English student, Max Smith added: “There’s always such a scrum inside and out, so many people always packed in together.

“I’m not surprised there’s so much trouble.”

Risa caused outrage on Halloween (student not at Ebola party)

Speaking at the hearing, PC Abdul Rohoma said: “We have thought long and hard about the licence conditions since the very serious incident.

“We conducted a visit on Saturday night and all of the conditions that were imposed as an interim step have been implemented to good effect.

“There have been no incidents or issues since the interim hearing and we are satisfied with the new conditions that are in place.”

Before yesterday’s hearing, a spokesman for Risa confirmed they were voluntarily putting forward licencing amendments.

Risa is on Broad Street

They said: “We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the police and are taking their concerns over the incident on November 9th extremely seriously.

“As a result, we voluntarily offered to add a number of conditions to our licence, which the police were happy to accept.

“With these conditions in place, we do not foresee any issues at the hearing on Monday.

“Customer safety is always our top priority and we implement a significant number of measures to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for our customers at this very popular and busy venue.

“We will continue to work with the police, local authorities and local community groups to ensure that we contribute to making Broad Street as safe as possible and a great place to go out.”