This is how to dress for your night out

The definitive dress code for Birmingham’s most popular nights

broad street clubs drinking fab mechu snobs stupid tuesdays vodbull

When it comes to letting your hair down, there’s a fine line between dressing correctly and stumbling into a tragic faux pas. 

Stupid Tuesdays/Vodbull

A girl’s typical ‘night out’ attire is accompanied with flats and a clutch (never heels).

And the generic pop and hip-hop vibe means it’s pretty easy for guys too.  After all, everyone looks fabulous next to the Stig.

Never pair your dress with heels

Casual night with the lads

But of course, there’s always one


Snobs is known by all to be Brum’s indie night.

The typical Snobs goer will be rocking skinnies and some form of trendy top.  And by “trendy” we mean Aztec, mismatching and incredibly vibrant – because that’s cool and retro.

So snobs ready in that edgy tee

This guy wins


When speaking to a second year student about Rainbow, her “no-one judges you” statement sums up the warehouse’s style.

Total Nike night – don’t consider wearing anything but trainers.  Any other footwear you’re fond of will be disastrously wrecked by the end of the night, and you’re going to be bouncing around to a droany beat for four hours.

Shorts and crop tops all round


Heels, heels, heels. Yes you’re allowed, girls.

Mechu is the notoriously dressy night so you’re permitted to go all out.   Thursday nights are a glitzy pool of fake lashes, golden tan and bodycon dresses.

Guys, the same goes for you.  Turn up in trainers and you won’t be allowed in – try to make a bit of an effort.

All about the glam

This is a ‘serious’ night out

Sports Night

The best thing about Sports Night is the fact you’ll never have to worry about outfit mishaps.

The more wacky, cringey and bizarre your fancy dress is, the more memorable you’ll be.  (Yes, in a good way).

Go wild

Anything goes


Unless you’re super organised, prep for Fab will mainly involve trying to actually get a ticket to Fab.

After deciding you do want to go out after all (which happens every Saturday without fail), you’ll spend your afternoon battling it out with fellow desperate Facebook Fabbers.

Ultimately this means you probably won’t have time to figure out an outfit choice.

“We all made it to Fab”