Busted star spotted in Selly Oak

Two Selly students bumped into boy band legend James Bourne last night on their way to Fab

Last night students Fred and Emma had quite the shock when they bumped into James Bourne on Selly’s high street.

Some of you Fab-goers might have been throwing some shapes to Busted last night, but it seems these two went one better:

Fred was clearly a big fan back in the day

Fred was clearly a big fan back in the day

Speaking to The Tab,  Fred said: “We were just on the way to Fab when we spotted him.

“Emma wasn’t really sure who it was, but I was a massive fan when I was younger- I could never forget a face like that.

“We’re not sure what he was doing here exactly, but we think he was visiting friends.  He might even have been in Fab!”

The Tab is unsure as to why James was gracing the streets of Selly- perhaps Fab’s notoriety really has spread far and wide.


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