QUB to rename building after Conor McGregor

The MMA star is being awarded the honour due to his contribution to Irish sport life

Queen’s University Belfast have announced their plans to honour MMA star and current UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, with a building on campus. The building currently known as Whitla Hall will be known as McGregor Hall from September 2017 when the academic year of 2017/18 commences.

A spokesperson from Queen’s, Stewart Hughes, offered this statement: “QUB strives for excellence and is aware that in order to maintain our esteemed reputation, both in the academic world and culturally in NI and the ROI , we must be willing to adapt to the fast-changing cultural environment.”

McGregor in London in 2015

There have been talks of changing the name of Whitla Hall for years now. It was originally named after the Irish physician and politician Sir William Whitla, who served Queen’s University at Westminister for five years.

The presence of a building named after Conor McGregor may seem slightly incongruous to an academic institution so esteemed as Queen’s, however Stewart Hughes offers some explanation for the surprising choice: “We have chosen a contemporary cultural icon who has shown to his audience and fans that dedication and skill are rightfully awarded.

“Mr McGregor, alongside Carl Frampton, MBE have done more for Irish sport than any other figures in the past thirty years. They have ignited a keen interest in sport and pride in this island for people on both sides of the border. We can’t think of a greater role model for young people in this day and age.”

The building in question, currently named after Sir William Whitla

Conor McGregor has made headlines for his notorious trash-talk, with many considering him to cross the line a few times. However, McGregor’s sheer wit and ability to consistently scathe his opponents with his acid tongue surely qualify him to be considered a pure orator.

This sentiment is reiterated by Mr Hughes. “Alongside his achievements in the sporting world, Conor McGregor is up there with the greats in the oratory circle. Certainly level with his contemporary Barack Obama, I would even go as far as to compare him to the Attic orators. Not since Ancient Greece has such incredible rhetoric been spouted.”

The controversial choice will no doubt divide opinions amongst Queen’s academics, but certainly adds prestigious value to success in the sporting world.


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