Clubbers of the week: Refreshers, Reloaded

Admit it, exams were hardly over by the time that alcohol hit your lips

Squad goals

When your friend’s nose is falling off

Stunnas of the week

They’re sorry people are so jealous of them. They can’t help it that they’re that popular

Playboy of the week

When she says she thinks Pablo Escobar was cool

Playgirl of the week

“Get a good pic of my tonsils”

Couple of the week

Do you think they’re that cute intentionally?

Dancemoves of the week

You move gurl

My hips don’t lie? I’m not sure what this is supposed to be

Celebrity lookalike of the week

Even the cast of Lazytown go out occasionally

The best of the rest

When the DJ is playing something that isn’t ‘My Milkshake’

“You trying to take a picture of me?”

“What if life as we know it isn’t real and we’re all in the Matrix”

Pucker up bbz

Showing her inner Gene Simmons

Throw ya gang signs up

When you finally get your mate back from the missus

“Make sure my tattoos are in the photo”

“Yeah mate, aced all my exams, got a first in Pimpology”

Photography credit: Hypefactory (Hideout, Fly Mondays, dsqo, HUSH, Craics 90, BOXROX, Electric Playground, FAT WEDNESDAYS, Sketchy),Luke Joyce (Circus, AAA), Ollie’s, Ashley Elliott (Bot), Thompsons, Lavery’s