Pádraig Mac Cionnaith
23 year old Sociology graduate. Can often be found drinking milk, watching cartoons and sleeping.

18 year old man arrested over car park murder of Hazem Ahmed Ghreir

The PSNI initiated a murder investigation after the man was stabbed to death

Tributes pour in for QUB Vice-Chancellor Patrick Johnston, who died suddenly over the weekend

Professor Patrick Johnston has been described as a great mind that helped save lives

Brand new night Rogue to hit Belfast

The launch for the new club night has been announced for the 12th April 2017

Clubbers of the week: The calm before St. Paddy’s

The uni wants us to go home for St. Paddy’s, so here’s the madness from the week before since nobody will be around on the 17th…

Clubbers of the week: Refreshers, Reloaded

Admit it, exams were hardly over by the time that alcohol hit your lips

An Ode to Wok-A-Moley

Isn’t it about time the Taj Mahal of Bradbury Place finally got the recognition it deserved?

Clubbers of the week: The legends who still go out over exams

You have to sit at least one of your exams hungover

The Asher’s cake decision remains, and rightfully so

This is not an attack on freedom of speech – this is an legal precedent defending it

Forget London: Belfast has the best nightlife in the UK

They don’t even have a Thompson’s

QUB students are trying to find bone marrow donor for girl with Leukaemia

Nicole’s Irish-Italian heritage means she is struggling to find a match

Petition to save Belfast dog Hank gathers over 100,000 signatures

Belfast City Council seized the puppy under the suspicion it was an illegal pitbull breed

The Tab Belfast’s bucket list

As the final semester comes to an end, count off how many of these things you’ve ticked off your bucket list and get snappy ticking the rest off

Clubbers of the week: See ya’ll in September

Exams are over, the hangovers… not so much

Nearly 90% of QUB students vote against anthropology course closure

Over 2,500 students voted in the referendum

El Divino seek the return of a stolen pillow

They have warned that they will get the police involved if it is not returned

Clubbers of the week: What exams?

You have to sit at least one of your exams hungover

Clubbers of the week: The loan is nearly gone, but you’re still partying

It’s hit that time of the year where you’re scraping the pennies together to afford your pre-drinks

Two men sentenced in QUB fresher hit-and-run case

Enda Dolan was in his first term at QUB, and was killed after being hit by a drunk driver

QUB announces sudden merger of schools to students via email


Two Queen’s students had a roast dinner with their drug dealer

It came free with the weed