You are not ready for how stunning Aberdeen’s best dressed on campus are

This week’s fashion icons will almost make you forget that you live in Aberdeen.

In case you’ve started to wonder if anything other than leggings, puffer jackets and hoodies have been made illegal in Aberdeen, the stylish students in this week’s Best Dressed will convince you that fashion is still very much allowed on campus.

Make sure to soak it up before exam season lowers all inhibitions and causes even the most fashionable people to turn up to uni in their pyjamas.


Niamh, Psychology

When even your hair counts as a fashion statement (#loveit).


Jasmine & Yuki, Finance and Accounting

Does a best friend count as a fashion accessory?


Nicole, History of Art

Black Denim, Leopard Print, Graphic Tee – Nicole’s got it all.


Jo, Hispanic Studies

When even the laptop sleeves matches with the rest of the outfit: that is what I call colour coordination.


Ema, Psychology

When the most memorable thing isn’t even the outfit but the confidence, I’d say you’re winning at life.


Emma (English and Creative Writing) & Munro (Anthropology and History)

Vogue’s got it all wrong; it’s not Double Denim that we should be after, but Quadruple Denim.


Todd, Economics and Politics

If he wasn’t so incredibly stylish, his colour palette could almost make him blend in with the Aberdeen ‘skyline’.


Wensi, International Business Management

I guess there is only one question left: is that Spongebob on her jacket?