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Where’s good to go in Aberdeen? These TripAdvisor reviews should help you decide

We got you

Have you ever been skeptical about your pal’s raving reviews over the shot menu in Siberia? Or how a-m-a-z-i-n-g the food is in the Triple Kirks?

We all know the story – you try these places, realise they’re not all as good as they’ve been hyped up to be and you think to yourself; “Wow, I wish there was a way I could find out what I’m getting myself into BEFORE this happens!”

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Well my friend, I’ve got you covered-as I’ve scoured through the internet (mostly TripAdvisor) for information that’ll make your Saturday night 100% easier, and obviously, I’ve thrown in my own *ahem* helpful opinions.


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Yeehaw! The American seal of approval!

Brewdog, as we can see, is approved by beer-drinkers worldwide. Perfect for a pre-drink pint.

Continuing the pre’s up the road and round the corner, we have one of the two major Aberdeen staples in British culture. That’s right you know it…

Battle of the Spoons

Archibald Simpson v Justice Mill in a fight to the death.

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The Archibald Simpson has a pretty exterior

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The Justice Mill has pretty people

So depending on whether your evening is focused on history in an old bank, or eating under-toasted burgers to the sound of Celtic anthems- either one is sure to put a spring in your step.

The Illicit Still

Halfway between your journey from Brewdog to Archie’s, you’re going to find a little hut-like place called the Illicit Still. Admittedly I don’t have the most vibrant memory of this place, but ‘Toastoclock’ tells us theres more to the Illicit Still game than just pints and food.

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Who’s for Jenga?

Revolution Aberdeen

Then down Belmont Street you’ll find a cornucopia of eat and drinkeries. We’ll start at the bottom, with the fan-favourite cocktail bar, Vodka Revolution. Now this is obviously a chain, but the Rev of Aberdeen happens to have just had a boujee makeover. Definitely something to see for yourself.

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Shoutout Danielle!!

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Check out what we thought of the makeover: Revolution Aberdeen gets a revamp

Belmont Street and beyond

Moving on to the cluster of jammy little places, we have Siberia. If you’ve got the coin, they’re sure to have the goods.

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Did Sam try and/or enjoy all 32 flavours? We don’t know. He can’t remember.

Next on the list we have self-proclaimed goth bar, Slain’s. Don’t say Aberdeen isn’t inclusive.

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If WitchingSabrina likes it, you’re guaranteed a good time here.

For the last of the Belmont Street gang, we have an oldie but goodie-The Triple Kirks. And with the dive club Exodus just upstairs, ya can’t really go wrong here.

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Student bar’s the name, affordable food ‘n’ drink’s the game.

The Bobbin

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Aaaand we have the TK’s King Street counterpart!

This one’s a bit of a trek if you’re town-based. Good news about The Bobbin is, if you know you have a stressful lecture in half an hour’s time it’s just a quick trip across the road to jumpstart the engine with whatever poison you so choose.


Back to town now, and we’re by the docks? Thats weird, almost as weird as the one-stop volcano themed alcohol shop, Krakatoaaaa!(Fair enough, it’s more of a bar than a shop-but bar doesn’t rhyme so bare with me here).

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Well Derek’s given it a glistening review, better get down there before the energy runs out!

Still with me? Haven’t passed out from the food and drink consumption? Good, because now it’s time for the more funky portion of our night.

We’re off to Tunnels!

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An enthusiastic entry from Anonymous!

This person from the Student Hut dot com may be shy about giving such a shiiiny review, but I can confirm that Tunnels is a provider of some pretty good times (and I’ve been there completely sober).

UG for lyf

Next up on the roster of clubs that’re situated underground, we have a walk up Union Street to a ‘klub’ that just so happens to be called, ‘Underground’. Original.

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Corrie’s provided us with a more observational review here.

credit: Pirate Photography

That’s klub with a kicking k, remember not a curly c. Not sure if Korrie’s korrecting grammar or just noticing the twist. Either way thanks Korrie, real kool.


Moving on, we have Atik. If you make it past those deadly stairs then you’re onto a winner. With a rainbow of VKs flavours and a wealth of famous DJ appearances around Fresher’s season, there’s no shortage of action!

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Anonymous says just don’t wear bright shoes and you’ll be grand.

Ready for the wallet-ruining portion of the night? Our last two places are sure to ruin whatever savings you had before, but at least you’ll have a great time in return.

Soul Casino

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Paul agrees it’s probably better to leave this til the 7th of every month (SAAS day, duh).


Next is maybe the poshest place for those just who’re just starting uni or don’t have much experience in the fact that sometimes the ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo just won’t cut it. And remember…

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Sitting down? That’s for the weak anyway.

Tired yet? I mean, if you’re not allowed to sit down you must be pretty ti-no of course not, you’re not actually outside. You’re probably lying in bed having a scroll through this article remembering the times you’ve had in each of these establishments.

Well to that I say BOOOOOO!!!! Go! Leave! Have a good night out! Exam prep starts soon, and we both know you don’t have time to dwell so just get your gladrags on, be ready to ruin your sense of dignity, bank balance and nice new shoes-and thank me later.

Remember, I’m only harsh because I care.

(All reviews collated from TripAdvisor, The Student Hut & Google Reviews)

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