These ice queens braved Aberdeen’s cobbles in heels

Winter is snow match for these warriors

As we all know the weather for the past few weeks has been pretty awful making Aberdeen basically one giant ice rink.

But that hasn’t stopped the legions of women in Aberdeen braving the ice in six inch heels.


Bit chilly

Yes, the veterans have been out in force this week donning their best looking shoes, ignoring the fact that if they fell  they’d probably break every single bone in their body.

Wednesday saw the first Skite of the new year and the ladies did not disappoint in their shoe game.

Katrina Brogan, PIR, 19 and Rachael Wagg, Law, 19


Those goddamn cobbled streets

Megan Thomas, Primary Teaching, 20


Katrina Adams (20)


 Gemma Cook, Marine Biology, 21

To all those whose knowledge on women’s shoes are lacking, the skinnier the heel the harder the walking is.

There is some science behind it probably – gravity and stuff.



 Olivia Simpson and Courtney Barr, both 20, Psychology, and Leigh Gould, Accountancy, 20


That institute carpet tho #oosh

Brooke Modlin, Law, 21 and Kara Myles, IR and Philosophy, 21



Congratulations all you heeled warriors. Aberdeen’s nightlife wouldn’t be the same without you and you ARE appreciated.

Here’s to hoping that none of you were Bambi on ice and that all your feet are recovering well.