We finally have answers: The MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together and who’s split

The reunion was filmed months ago, and the cast have spilled all since


It’s finally time! The experiment is well and truly over, and the MAFS UK 2023 couples are spilling who is still together and who has broken up. We saw a lot of the couples ultimately crumble during the experiment, whilst some seemed to have made it last.

But even the reunion episode was filmed months ago, so a lot can change. Here’s a rundown of all the MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together, and who has broken up since the experiment.

Peggy and Georges – Still together

Peggy and Georges were the first of the MAFS UK 2023 couples to confirm they are still together, going on Steph’s Packed Lunch to share the news. A bit rogue, but love it for them. They said they’re very much together, but are living apart right now and enjoying doing more “normal” things in their relationship.

Posting on Instagram, Peggy said “Who said ‘happy ever after’ doesn’t exist?” and added she and Georges are “so grateful and excited for our future together.”

Erica and Jordan – Still together

Erica and Jordan have confirmed they are still together since the show. They’ve been posting loads on social media together, and Erica shared some cute pictures of them spending time together with the caption: “Life after MAFS 💍🤍”. Under the post, Jordan commented: “Never in doubt my beautiful girl.”

Tasha and Paul – Still together

After committing to one another once again at the final vows, Tasha and Paul are still together. “I choose you now, tomorrow and forever,” Tasha said in a cute post on Instagram. During the final dinner party reunion, the couple revealed they have said “I love you” and have been talking about moving in together.

Jay and Luke – Split

After Jay and Luke had to leave the experiment early, people thought they may have still been together after the couple travelled on a cute post-MAFS holiday. But, in the reunion episode Jay said she didn’t feel as though her feelings were returned, and they weren’t together.

Since the show, Jay has said she still “has a lot of feelings” for Luke and is “sad it didn’t work out.” She said: “I’m not gonna lie, I still do have a lot of feelings for the boy, you know, he’s been a massive part of my life now. And I’m so grateful that I met him and shared that experience with him.

“It is sad that it didn’t work out but it is what it is. There’s nothing that we can do to change it now. I mean, we do still speak and, you know, we are very supportive of each other.”

Laura and Arthur – Split

The couples from MAFS UK 2023 who are still together and who has broken up

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Laura and Arthur had their fair share of ups and downs, but split at the final vows. Arthur made a lovely speech about how he felt towards Laura, but she said their relationship had run its course, and handed him back the ring.

Speaking to The Tab about what their relationship is like now, Laura said they “talk daily” but are just friends. “For me, we’re at our best selves when we’re friends,” she said. “He will always be special to me, he has taught me a lot, but for now we are where we are and the reasons for us parting ways are still there.”

Adrienne and Matt – Split

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Despite saying their final vows to one another, Adrienne and Matt had split by the final reunion dinner party, over the obvious differences in what they wanted for the future. It was heated, and ended in the couple very much confirming they’re no longer together.

Since the show, Matt has revealed he’s now in a relationship with ex-bride Shona, who split from Brad after the show. The couple have been together for over five months, and have already said they’re in love!

Rozz and Thomas – Split

After a sad homestays episode, it was all over for favourites Rozz and Thomas. Rozz called her homestay the “saddest” time on her MAFS journey, and described being “haunted” by a past relationship.

Since then, Rozz has said they are still friends. “We absolutely do love and respect each other and have a beautiful, amazing friendship,” she said.

Ella and JJ – Split

The couples from MAFS UK 2023 who are still together and who has broken up

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It was looking really positive for Ella and JJ for so long, but at their final vows they agreed it was more of a friendship. It was a teary exchange, but the couple both agreed it was for the best. “I’m in one way so glad it’s over but in another I’m a wreck and full of sadness,” Ella said of the experiment. “It’s been a crazy wild journey for all of us. I am so glad I took part.”

Porscha and Terence – Split

The couples from MAFS UK 2023 who are still together and who has broken up

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Porscha and Terence called it quits early on in the experiment. Terence voted to “leave” the marriage, whilst Porscha opted to “stay” and work on their relationship. As per the show’s rules, when one person in a couple votes stay, they have to stay together. But, Terence was having none of it and quit the experiment completely.

The pair are now not coming to the bonus reunion episode in 2024, so it’s looking like things aren’t too great between them.

Mark and Sean – Split

The couples from MAFS UK 2023 who are still together and who has broken up

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Sean and Mark ending things seemed to come quite abruptly. One minute they were a fairly quiet couple, in the background not getting involved in much of the drama, and next they were arguing and leaving the whole show. The two late arrivals left the experiment when Mark said he felt they were better off as friends.

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