Erica and Jordan confirm if they are still together after MAFS UK 2023

Guys, Erica and Jordan have confirmed if they’re still together or not after MAFS UK 2023

Finally some answers!

Following last night’s final reunion on MAFS UK 2023, Jordan and Erica have finally confirmed if they’re still together or not after the experiment. Drum roll please!! They are!!

Yep, the couple had their fair share of ups and downs during the show, most recently with Jordan being accused of cheating with another girl in a night club, but they’ve come through the other end stronger than ever.

Posting across Instagram and TikTok, Erica shared some cute pictures of them spending time together with the caption: “Life after MAFS 💍🤍”. Under the post, Jordan commented: “Never in doubt my beautiful girl.” Why is this so cute, please?!

Jordan’s dad commented: “Well that emotional roller coaster is over. And relax! You two beautiful people light up the room. I will forever be in awe and proud of how you have held yourself in this unrelenting barrage. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. You are going from strength to strength! I love you with all my heart. My beautiful boy and his wonderful wife! Keep shining bright like diamond!”

Erica also went on a TikTok live straight after the final episode, and said she was going to “spill some tea”. What was that tea you might ask? It was that Jordan was sat next to her, and they were still together.

The experiment came to an end in July this year, which means Erica and Jordan have stayed together ever since then. The weddings were in February 2023 – which means the couples have been together for nearly a year!

Congrats guys!

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