What axed cast members of MAFS UK 2023 are doing now, Married at First Sight

Getting degrees and self-love retreats: What the axed MAFS UK 2023 stars are doing now

Some are already dating new people!

During the 2023 series it has felt as though more MAFS UK cast members have been axed whilst the experiment has been taking place than ever – and with the show coming to an end, now feels like a good time to see what they’re all up to.

From people being chucked off the show, to cheating scandals cutting short people’s time – this series has given a lot of drama. And now, some of these stars are seeing new people, getting degrees, going back to their day jobs and really embracing everything new in their lives.

Here’s what everyone who has been axed from MAFS UK 2023 for one reason or another, is up to now.


After leaving the experiment, Shona said she and Brad tried to have a relationship for around six weeks, but split when his behaviour didn’t change. She said he promised: “I love you, I love you. I love you. I’ll be different on the outside. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt. We stayed together on the outside for, I think, about five to six weeks and the same behaviour continued.”

She then said she “woke the hell up” ended things, booked a ticket to Sri Lanka and went to do yoga teacher training.  She said in Sri Lanka she “fixed her heart” and it started her “on the biggest self-love journey which I’m on right now and I feel empowered.” Shona has also been on a wholesome retreat in Morocco, and spending loads of time with the MAFS girls.

After leaving MAFS UK, Shona said on Instagram she had “found love” once again with the “kindest soul”, and spoiler alert! It’s since been reported Shona is now dating Matt, yes as in Adrienne’s groom Matt, after they were pictured on a coffee date together.


Brad has also moved on since his relationship with Shona, and has gone Instagram official with his new girlfriend Hollie Baldwin, who is a fitness trainer and model. Brad was a model before the show as well, and has been posting some pictures from recent shoots on Instagram.


Porscha and Terence were another couple to call it quits early on. Terence voted to “leave” the marriage, whilst Porscha opted to “stay” and work on their relationship. As per the show’s rules, when one person in a couple votes stay, they have to stay together. But, Terence was having none of it and quit the experiment completely.

Terence has returned to life as a DJ, and is still clearly very much still friends with his fellow MAFS UK cast members. Over the weekend the grooms attended a meet and greet brunch in a hair salon in Reading, and Terence was the DJ. Slightly cringe, slightly iconic.

Terence appears to be single since the show.


Porscha has gone really quiet since the experiment, and is one of the only cast members to not have posted some pictures with the rest of the group after the show. It looks as though she’s been spending all of her time at fancy hotspots around London. Fair enough!


Our queen Bianca. It still makes me sad thinking about how she was forced to leave the show when it was revealed JJ had been exploring a connection with Ella. Bianca bowed out with her head held high, and has since been thriving.

Before the show, Bianca worked as a hair specialist, and it looks as though she’s back working at her hair extensions business. She’s also been living her best life with gifted stays at fancy hotels, attending events and hanging out having brunch with her fellow MAFS UK cast members. She’s been doing some Instagram adverts, and is definitely embracing everything that’s changed in her life. Good for her!


Nathanial also had to leave the show following the Ella and JJ cheating scandal. He’s spent a lot of time since speaking his truths about the experiment, which he branded a “complete sham”. In an interview, Nathanial claimed the cast were fed “scripted lines” by a team working on the show, and said Ella was turned into “a monster” by production.

According to his Instagram, Nathanial is back working in events, marketing and PR now, but is also looking into a career in presenting. He’s been back hanging out with loads of his celeb pals, and has made appearances on podcasts.


Luke was told to leave the experiment, after his ongoing row with fellow groom Jordan turned physical. Since then he’s been constantly on TikTok Live and Instagram bad mouthing Jordan, and talking about his MAFS experience.

Of course Luke wasn’t going to let his feud with Jordan just go away. He’s now trying to set up a boxing match between the two of them to put it all to bed.

In a conversation in a group chat, Jordan said: “Message me privately @Luke to start talking about planning the boxing to make it happen soon. I’m bored of all this talking and want to put an end to it and act like proper men.” Luke replied to Jordan saying: “Thought you had childhood trauma with violence? BINGO you’re a scamming little c*nt.”

It’s also been reported Luke has since been “black listed” from filming an additional bonus reunion episode with the rest of the MAFS UK 2023 cast, following the Jordan saga, a falling out with Channel 4 execs and “aggressive” Instagram posts he’s made towards Jordan.


Due to Luke’s behaviour, Jay unfortunately also had to leave the show early. But that hasn’t stopped her being besties with the cast, and she’s now always hanging out with the brides.

Straight after the show, Luke and Jay enjoyed a couples’ holiday to Cyprus, flying out the day after they left the show, for some “much-needed” relaxation. They went on dinner dates, did karaoke and enjoyed time around the pool. This has made people think despite everything, Jay and Luke could still be together since the experiment.


Sean and Mark ending things seemed to come quite abruptly. One minute they were a fairly quiet couple, in the background not getting involved in much of the drama, and next they were arguing and leaving the whole show. The two late arrivals left the experiment when Mark said he felt they were better off as friends.

Sean still posts with his fellow MAFS cast members, and the only other thing he’s posted on Instagram is about what takeaway he should order, so it very much looks like he’s back to normal life now!


Mark is another of the axed cast of MAFS UK 2023 who hasn’t found love, but has now found friendship through the show. He too has been posting hanging out with the brides and grooms since the show was filmed, and seems to spend the rest of his time with a drink in hand at a bar. Seriously, his Instagram pictures are all cocktail bars, I love it for him.

Oh, and he’s had his teeth done!


It broke all of our hearts watching Rozz and Thomas not work out during the homestays. Rozz has since called this the saddest part of her MAFS journey, and said she was “haunted” by past relationships and cried for herself and Thomas.

But, since the show, Rozz has clearly been focusing on herself a lot, and the friendships she formed during the show. She’s been on vibey nights out with the cast members, fun brunches, and is back working at her floristry business.


Thomas has definitely been keeping busy since MAFS. He’s been posting about a huge body transformation since the experiment, showing off how ripped he is now, in recent Instagram posts.

“I don’t recognise myself sometimes when I look back at old photos,” he said in one post and described how he is now “the strongest I’ve ever been”. He added: “I’m in such a good place and it’s because of all the beautiful people I met on this amazing experience thanks to Married at First Sight.”

He’s been on loads of nights out with the grooms from the show, and has been to festivals with them, too. Most recently, Thomas posted to say he had completed a Master’s degree in finance and investment since the experiment, too.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to be getting my Master’s!,” he said. “I’d been working on it for such a long time, I never thought it’d ever come. The last week has been a difficult one, but I’ve gained so much. Everything is just falling into place and I’m so so happy. I know my value (pardon the pun) something I’ve only found because of my time in the experiment.”

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