‘I cried for Thomas, I cried for me’: Rozz posts huge statement about ‘saddest’ MAFS homestay

‘All I can say is I’m sorry Thomas’

Last night on Married at First Sight was a tough watch for all of us backing Thomas and Rozz. We saw the couple do a homestay where Rozz lives, and since she has posted a lengthy statement on Instagram about how awful this part of MAFS was for her.

She spoke about how her home felt “haunted” by her past relationship, and that she felt “broken” during the time she and Thomas spent there. She apologised to Thomas, and candidly spoke about how filming this section of the show felt.

“It was truly the saddest time,” her statement on Instagram began. “I think coming back to reality and popping the MAFS bubble was so hard. Seeing photos of Tango and her box of ashes, the house was haunted of my past and I truly couldn’t cope. I think all of my insecurities were bare and I really couldn’t face the thought of filming. The camera crew. Poor Thomas.

“I was so fragile, I felt broken, I was exhausted and truly wanted to go and hide under a rock. I was scared, triggered and overwhelmed with life. At this point, did I realise being home I couldn’t and wouldn’t not carry on being honest with Tom… I thought being home would give me comfort when really all I was faced with was betrayal. Abandonment and lack of trust from my previous relationship and no matter what, I couldn’t shake it off.

“I lay in bed thinking am I ruining something good… why are my priorities like this… this isn’t fair on Tom… is Thomas feeling ok… I need to tell him how homestay is making me feel… I can’t cope anymore… am I broken… will I ever be undamaged goods… am I worthy of being in a relationship? My mind was in overdrive!”

Rozz and Thomas MAFS homestay, Married at First Sight UK 2023

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Rozz then went on to say people might now be questioning if she was ready for the MAFS experiment, but she defended herself and said “I wanted marriage I really did”. She said Tom was “the best husband” but added: “Maybe when you give so much positivity to others you forget to care for yourself.

“If you don’t try will you ever know? Who knew bringing a man into my house would affect me so much? It’s not Tom who I shouldn’t trust, but when you have been burnt in a previous relationship it hurts. Can we predict how we will react and feel? I’m the most honest person and if I could I would. I told Tom as soon as I felt this way.”

On a second page of the statement, Rozz said she “cried all my homestay” and had “uncontrollable shakes” during this part of MAFS filming. “I couldn’t sleep, I just wanted the comfort of my family,” she said. ” I had to go back to London to film the commitment ceremony I was just having panics. I stayed in my apartment talking to welfare. I was so triggered. People mask this with being smiley but the truth is when faced with reality, you really can’t hide.

“I cried for Tom. I cried for me. I cried for the experiment. I cried because I felt guilty for taking someone’s space on the show.” Rozz went on to say “all I can say is I’m sorry Thomas” and said she will continue to apologise to him. She called Thomas an “amazing person with the kindest heart” and said she hoped he could find happiness.

“I will always be your biggest cheerleader,” Rozz added. “I know we have a special friendship that will truly last forever no matter what anyone says. I’m honoured to have been partnered with you.”

She ended the statement to remind people to always be kind, as you never know how other people are feeling. She thanked everyone for following her and Thomas’ journey on MAFS.

I’m so sad for them!

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