Quiz to see which groom from the Married at First Sight MAFS UK 2023 you'd marry

Which MAFS UK 2023 groom would you marry? Take this quiz to find out

I reckon me and Arthur would be a good match x

Go on admit it, whilst sat on the sofa binge watching MAFS UK 2023 you’ve pondered over which groom you’d marry, so now this quiz is going to actually tell you who is your match.

We’ve all done it, sat and got to know the grooms during the experiment, and tried to think which one would be your suitor and who the experts would LOCK IT IN with.

Maybe you want a funny king to give you a laugh a day, like Georges? Or someone who will stick up for you and protect you until the end of time, like Arthur would? Or maybe you want an all round nice guy like Paul? You might be more of a JJ or Jordan kinda girl, but I have to warn you, it’ll be a bumpy road if you are! And look, we can’t all have Thomas, those are just the rules I’m sorry to say.

You can only be matched with one of the very eligible guys from the show. So, answer the 10 questions in the simple quiz below to find out who is your soulmate, and which MAFS UK 2023 groom you would marry. I hope you get someone you like! Good luck!

Take this quiz to see which groom from the MAFS UK 2023 cast you would marry:

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