MAFS UK 2023 bride quiz

Which MAFS UK 2023 bride are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be queen Bianca

Married at First Sight has given us loads of characters. We’re literally seeing everyone from the show in their purest of forms, and watching them *hopefully* fall in love with a stranger. But now we know the cast really well, I’m sure you’ve at least once wondered which bride from MAFS UK 2023 you are most like – and this quiz is about to give you the answers.

We can all prey for the dizzy heights of being told we’re like Bianca, who for the most time is sweet and kind, but can deliver a diss speech perfectly, without rehearsal. Maybe you’re more like Ella? Opinionated, a self-confessed girl’s girl, and here with a point to prove. Some of us are Ericas and some of us are Tashas, there’s no in between. Or maybe you’re queen Laura, or way too pure for this world of reality TV chaos like Rozz is?

You can only be one of the iconic brides from MAFS UK 2023, so in the quiz below it’s time to find out. All you need to do is answer the following 10 personality questions as though you’re on the show, and get your result. Good luck, and I hope you get your fav girl!

Take this quiz to see which bride from MAFS UK 2023 you are:

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