All the times the MAFS UK 2023 cast have called out the show for being ridiculously edited

They’ve called out major scenes being cut and even labelled the editing ‘a complete sham’

MAFS UK 2023 has been called out for being edited loads and laods of times. Look, I don’t think any of us are under the impression that reality shows are completely authentic, and we know they can only show us an hour a day, but when the cast themselves are slating how much has been chopped up and changed, we know something’s going on.

The cast of Married at First Sight this series have been all-out in saying what they think of the edit they’ve been given on the show. Here’s what they’ve had to say.

Nathanial called MAFS ‘a complete sham’

Married at First Sight MAFS UK 2023 cast call the show edited

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At the dinner party we saw Nathanial quit the show after finding out about Ella and JJ. However, this story was reported on right near the start of the series, and Nathanial did an interview in which he called the show “a complete sham”.

In the interview, Nathanial claimed MAFS participants were fed scripted lines by a team working on the show known as “The Story”, and said Ella was turned into “a monster” by production.

“Pretty much from the start it was a complete sham,” he said of the show. He said the show was “manipulating” cast members, and “needs to have a ‘For Entertainment Purposes’ all over it.” He added: “If you go on, you will have a devil whispering in your ear the entire time.”

Brad said he had been ‘snipped’ by MAFS UK 2023

Married at First Sight MAFS UK 2023 cast call the show edited

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After Brad was axed from the show, he did an interview in which he claimed his “controlling” language looked worse because part of his conversations with Shona were “snipped” from the show.

In the chat, in which he also said he never loved Shona, Brad said: “So the way that I project certain terminology, however, is never intended that way. So for me, when I expressed that if ‘I allow Shona to do this, then she will never learn’.

“Yeah, it was more so the whole conversation was coming from the heart and a sense of, Well, if me and Shona or partnership, and we’re sort of trying to look out for each other, it’s in each other’s best interests to sort of have each other’s back, you know, so if we allow each other to go rogue or to want to guide each other, you know what I mean?

“So if we allow each other to fall into situations, that we’re aware of we will both never learn. It was obviously snipped at the part where I said that and I can completely understand how it looks.”

‘Most of Brad’s inexcusable behaviour was off camera’

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Following leaving the experiment, Shona also spoke out about feeling as though some moments were edited out of the final show. She said what we saw of Brad on Married at First Sight was bad, but actually “most of Brad’s inexcusable behaviour was off camera.”

“There were many major highs in our time together which haven’t been shown in the edit but I will also be honest in saying most of Bradley’s inexcusable behaviour happened off camera,” Shona said in a statement on Instagram.

In a further interview, she revealed more about the moments which happened between her and Brad, which left the experts feeling as though they had no choice but to remove them from the experiment.

She explained there was an incident after the third dinner party “which then resulted in the experts intervening and choosing to send us home.” She added: “I won’t share the details because it’s just too much. It’s too much for me to go into.”

But, she did share more of what did happen, and one incident in which Brad used the c-word when talking to her, which caused her to have a panic attack. She claimed he lied to the experts about what he had said, and she didn’t correct him out of fear.

She said that in a scene which didn’t make the cut, she had been sticking up for Laura after Luke labelled her a gold digger. She claimed Brad asked her “what the fuck are you doing” and added: “I feel really embarrassed. And then he just goes, ‘well done, you made a complete C-U-N-T out of yourself there’. And I’m just sat there.”

She said the ordeal made her have a panic attack, and Brad lied to the experts after and claimed he’d “just called her an idiot”.

Tasha called out editing errors in her argument with Erica

Married at First Sight MAFS UK 2023 cast call the show edited

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One of the biggest, and most random, outbursts on the show so far was when Tasha and Erica had a massive fight during a trip to the spa. But, Tasha pointed out an editing error during the clip on MAFS UK 2023, and said the argument had been edited.

Tasha said: “Look at it! One minute Jay’s got a coat on and then she hasn’t,” Tasha said, defending herself over the episode. One minute Jay is wearing a beige blazer, next just a black top, and then her blazer is back on. This is all within the one take, and seconds of each other. So, it proves huge parts of this “argument” were cut out, and Tasha’s reactions weren’t necessarily to what was being shown to us at the time.

“I have so much to say,” Tasha said. “This is an edit! So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment, the comments that were said – of course that was me – in the moment, and you’ll see the rest of the journey but this is an edit.”

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