Tasha says her reactions to Erica in MAFS UK fight were ‘edited’ by the show

‘So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment’

Last week was the biggest week on Married at First Sight UK 2023 so far. The week ended with some of the MAFS cast being sent out for a day at the spa, which boiled into a huge row between Tasha and new bride, Erica.

Tasha, who has been married to Paul and in the cast from the start, seemed to hate Erica giving her opinion on other cast members, when she’s just joined the experiment. Despite a lot of the time Erica just giving her opinion when she was asked, everything she said was met by confrontation and daggers across the room from Tasha.

However, Tasha has now clapped back at people criticising how she went about things, and has claimed the whole argument with herself and Erica was edited by MAFS. “A bloody edit!” she said on her Instagram story.

Argument between Erica and Tasha on MAFS UK, Married at First Sight 2023

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She added that a lot of her comments and reactions weren’t played in order, and weren’t necessarily a reaction to what was shown at the time on the TV. She said: “I have so much to say. This is an edit! So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment, the comments that were said – of course that was me – in the moment, and you’ll see the rest of the journey but this is an edit.”

She then pointed out continuity errors, which prove her point that clips have been chopped up and put together in the wrong order. “Look at it! One minute Jay’s got a coat on and then she hasn’t. Please remember, everyone is human and I don’t want these comments under my pictures, grow up.”

Jay also took to Instagram to defend Tasha, and said: “She’s [Tasha’s] the most kind caring person I know!! Trust me when I say you only see a little snip of and EDIT!! I love her more than anything I’ve made a friend for life, she’ll do anything for anyone. It’s a TV show are the end of the day guys and things aren’t always as they seem, show her some love because she deserves it.”

Erica has also previously posted to clarify a bit more about what happened when she was “attacked” by Tasha on the show. She said one minute she was helping Ella straighten her hair for the show, and next Ella was telling her she was “bad vibes” on camera.

“It was an attack and I didn’t understand where it was coming from,” Erica said. “Me and Jordan had come in and were strong, I don’t know if other couples were maybe threatened by that or if they wanted to stay the ‘golden couple’ but that’s the vibe I got.”

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