‘You’ve made a c*** of yourself’: Shona shares off-screen chat that saw Brad axed from MAFS

‘Bradley said he was behaving like a caged animal’

Married at First Sight UK star Shona Manderson has spoken out about more of the off-screen incidents which happened during the show, in the weeks leading to her and Brad being removed from the show due to Brad’s behaviour towards her.

After they were axed from the show, Shona revealed most of Brad’s “inexcusable” behaviour actually happened off-camera. And now, speaking on the It’s Not You, It’s Them…But It Might Be You podcast, Shona has shared some details of the behaviour which lead to the couple being told to leave the experiment.

She explained there was an incident after the third dinner party “which then resulted in the experts intervening and choosing to send us home.” She added: “I won’t share the details because it’s just too much. It’s too much for me to go into.”

But, she did share more of what did happen, and one incident in which Brad used the c-word when talking to her, which caused her to have a panic attack. She claimed he lied to the experts about what he had said, and she didn’t correct him out of fear.

Shona speaks of off-screen chat with Brad before he was axed from Married at First Sight UK, MAFS 2023

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She said: “Something I am happy to share with you is an example of something that didn’t make the edit, but it happened in front of people. We were at a second commitment ceremony and my friend, Laura in the cast, has just been called a gold digger by another cast member, Luke.

“And a little bit of context, Bradley throughout the experiment he kept being like ‘don’t do this, don’t do that, I’m getting annoyed that you’re not listening to me and don’t rise to drama. We don’t rise to drama. Your yoga vibes and meditation vibes’, blah, blah, blah.

“And I’m sat there and my heart’s going for Laura and I’m thinking I want to stick up for her but hate confrontation, anyway, I do. And as soon as I do, Bradley lets go off my hand. And he goes, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ And I just freeze and I come like a deer in the headlights you see it in the edit and I kind of like stumble on my words, my argument is rubbish.

“I feel really embarrassed. And then he just goes, ‘well done, you made a complete C-U-N-T out of yourself there’. And I’m just sat there.”

She explained that she told Brad he can’t talk to her like that, before running to the toilet and having a “massive panic attack.” She said she felt like she needed to sit down, and said to Brad: “Can you tell the experts what you just said to me?”

She then said Brad told the experts he “just called Shona an idiot”. She added: “I didn’t correct him because that is just exactly how I felt throughout this whole time in the experiment. I just felt like I wanted to protect him. I wasn’t going to sit there and say, ‘no, you didn’t’, because I was scared of what everyone else would think.

“And that was a huge problem in our relationship because I did a lot and a lot of protecting and in that I lost my light. I lost my voice because I was so fearful of what everyone else would think of him and that is my lesson that I will never let that happen again.”

Shona also added that when she and Brad were sent home, Brad explained “he was behaving that way in the experiment because he felt like a caged animal” and it “wasn’t who he was and he was so sorry and it was all”. She said he promised: “I love you, I love you. I love you. I’ll be different on the outside. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

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