A breakdown of who in the MAFS UK 2023 cast was scouted, and who applied for the show

For some reason, Luke was approached by Channel 4 three times


These days, not a lot of dating shows come with a straight forward application process. Most of the time cast members have people from production teams sliding into their DMs asking them to take part, which throws questions around about whether those cast are there with the best intentions. So, who from the cast of MAFS UK 2023 was scouted for the show, and who actually applied?

This season the MAFS UK cast is pretty split – with a lot having applied, and others being scouted, or even approached for seasons previously before ending up on the 2023 series. Here’s the full breakdown.

Who from MAFS UK 2023 was scouted and who applied, Married at First Sight

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Who out of the MAFS UK cast of 2023 actually applied to be on the show?

After Porscha left the experiment, she had a lot to say about how she and former husband Terence ended up on MAFS. She said in an interview that she applied three times for the show before, and the 2023 series was her fourth time applying. She also said Terence applied, but claimed he did so with the intention of promoting his DJ business. Fair enough.

Shona also applied, and in a lengthy post after her time on the show was cut short, reflected on this. “I applied for MAFS for love but unfortunately the person I was matched with was there to promote himself as a meditation guide, he love bombed me and ultimately I was sent home for his horrible behaviour,” she said on Instagram.

Who from MAFS UK 2023 was scouted and who applied, Married at First Sight

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Bianca also applied for the show, and posted on Instagram about how this hadn’t worked out for her. “From the very beginning, I went into this experiment with a very open heart ready to give it my all,” she said. “I trusted the experts and hoped that they would find me a man who was ready for love, a future and a family, unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be.”

Rozz applied for the show, and told The Tab she did so after a “shock” breakup with her ex. She added: “I just applied because I thought like, ‘oh, maybe I’m just not very good at picking, maybe I’ll potentially get on’. I think I lived in like this fairytale world to get me through like heartbreak, you know?”

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Saying she had been single for two and a half years, Tasha said she applied because she thought the whole experience would be “wild”. Peggy and Ella also applied for the show.

Ella told The Tab she was “blessed” that Channel 4 made the decision to cast her, for both her and her community. She said she “didn’t think for a second” that they would even put someone trans on TV “let alone me”.

And who was scouted?

In various interviews, Luke has spoken about being approached “multiple times” to take part on MAFS. “I was approached on  Instagram, but for season one and season two, and I said no to that then because I wasn’t ready,” he told The Tab.

“And then this season they asked me again, and I thought, you know what, this might be a chance to actually find someone within experts and match me with someone they feel I’d be great with, so I thought I’d give it a go. I was skeptical. I wouldn’t want to do it because I did TV before and I didn’t really enjoy it. But I thought, do you know what I’ll do it and I loved it so.”

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His partner Jay was also scouted, and said she agreed to take part because she wanted to “learn more about herself”. She said: “I just thought you know what, it’s something I’d do anyway, all my friends and family were like yeah, course you are, course you are. Yeah it’s a northern thing.”

Adrienne was also scouted to take part. Speaking to Heatworld, she said: “I actually got approached for the show. And obviously that is quite a controversial thing, and people think you’re not in it for the right reasons you know, you’re just there to build your socials. However, I had just gone through a crazy experience with, I’m going to say a boy, because he was not a man, who just played mind games and tricks, and I thought, ‘Do you know what, what have I got to lose? I clearly can’t choose men for myself.’”

Arthur was approached to be on the show, with a member of the casting team sliding in his DMs. Ahead of the show airing, he added that he was still in it for love. “I went in to find love,” he said. “It’s all about finding love. I’ve been single for the past two and a half years and really hadn’t worked out for me on the outside world. And so I thought to myself, why not do something out of the ordinary? It’s a wild experience.”

Georges applied for season two, and was then scouted for MAFS UK 2023

Who from MAFS UK 2023 was scouted and who applied, Married at First Sight

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In an interview with The Tab, Georges said he applied to be on the show during season two, but was called by producers to say his application had been sent in too late. He then got a call ahead of this season, with producers asking him if he wanted to take part.

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